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There will always, always be a place in my closet for another statement clutch. 

This black dress comes with thin chiffon sash but take it off and you've got yourself an abayalove the versatility!
I had to rack my brains when figuring out what to wear with the dress. Do I wear a matching rose gold hijab to match the sleeves? Should I wear a pair of black ballet flats so that the attention remain on the sleeves? But it's a great opportunity to play mix and match with such a plain dress so I opted for more fun accessories, like the leopard loafers and the statement clutch, which coincidentally has a strap that perfectly matches my red shawl.

Shawl: Girlies Barn   |   Dress: Berjaya Times Square (a complete bargain at RM 39!)   |   Leopard print loafers: Twins De Castle   |   Clutch: Accessorize (50% off)

*photos taken with iPhone 5s


  1. Love the look! The clutch is super cute!!! :D

    1. Thanks so much Simone! I do simply adore that clutch, and so cheap, too!


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