No 44 Champs Élysées

This t-shirt actually means something to me, considering the countless times I went to visit the number 44 store on Avenue des Champs Élysées. To think that I've been to what is probably the most famous boulevard in the world, I mean, it was ages ago and feels like a dream now...

It's weird but before I went to live in Paris in 2012, I wasn't into Zara. It's weird because right now I can't even fathom the idea of not liking Zara, but, there you gonever say never, and all that.

When I was in Paris, I was mildly curious as to why people love Zara so much, and by "people" I was also including my sisters who were too-regular customers of the high street brand. The Zara branches in Malaysia were popular enough but every Zara store in Paris particularly were constantly filled to the brim with well-dressed ladies, and I felt like had to find out why.

After a few visits I kind of got the idea, but it wasn't until I went to my first Zara store in Barcelona that I got it. It makes sense, though, doesn't it? I was in the birthplace of Zara, and I finally GOT IT. I went back to Paris and couldn't stop making my way to Zara in Les Quatre Temps, to its branch near Galleries Lafayatte, to the one in Les Halles, and to number 44 on Champs Élysées, because nothing beats the feeling of shopping on an iconic boulevard... Now I'm hooked on Zara, just like you are.

It's not often I wear one brand shoulders-to-ankles but as a nod to this Zara Champs Élysées t-shirt, I think why not?

T-shirt: Zara   |   Print blazer: Zara   |   Jeans: Zara   |   Loafers: Timberland

*Photographed by Hazrina Aris


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