Boyfriend Jeans - or Husband Jeans, Actually

I've "stolen" t-shirts, shirts and outerwears from Shah's closet but I never thought to take a closer look at his jeans collectionthat is, until that one day when my go-to straight blue jeans suddenly seemed all wrong on me, and I had about 5 minutes before I just had to go get into the car when I laid my eyes on this pair of jeans that doesn't belong to me...

These jeans have this unique teal-blue-sea-foam-green hue that I never actively kept an eye out for my own wardrobe, but it's such a pretty pastel-y shade that I'm now convinced this pair has earned a place amongst my other jeans.

If I'm being completely, totally and a 100% honest, though, I would have liked to have the same jeans in about two sizes smaller. I had arrived at my intended destination with Shah when I decided to tighten my poor old belt (it really is old) and it snapped in half. Not even kidding. I panicked momentarily but thankfully the belt pieces were long and thin enough to be tied into a knot. Everything worked out in the end! 

I've got to say, I like how the playful vibes of my faux-leather sleeved blazer and Mickey tee match the jeans.

From that moment onwards I made a vow to always look a little more closely when I'm perusing the men's section and have myself on my mind too, instead of just thinking which of these would look good on Shah.

Blazer with faux leather sleeves: H&M (worn here)   |   Mickey t-shirt: Pull & Bear   |   Men's jeans: Pull & Bear   |   Strappy ballet flats: Pull & Bear   |   Mirror heart sunglasses: Zara

Tell me what you thinkwould you ever wear a bigger, looser boyfriend jeans that is actually a BOYfriend jeans like these ones?


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