Lips, High Heel & Palazzo

There are some days when I feel like REALLY not wearing my contact lens, which usually means not even a stitch of makeup will be applied as well, but at the same time I don't want to walk out the door knowing I don't look as best as my lazy-self can possibly look. So, what I'd usually do is opt for things that are a little bit cute, a little bit kitschylike this lips print top and high heel pendantand hope for the best!

It's hard for me to pair a shorter top, like this lips print one, with a pair of jeans or even other straight-cut pants; in cases such as this, I settle on a pair of palazzo pants that hug me just nicely around my waist (and my bum!).

Rounding up my outfit with my 'Call Me' clutch and leopard loafers! (I evidently like pairing these two, just like in this post)

Lips top: Mango   |   Palazzo pants: Teetoo   |   Leopard print loafers: Twins de Castle   |   Clutch: Accessorize


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