Jumpsuiting (and Horse Riding!)

With my curvy hips (and, well, a generous booty), I've always find it hard to find the perfect-fitting jumpsuit. Then I found this jumpsuit, which looks like a two-piece outfit, from H&M and the warm colours and the patterns on it just got me hooked.

My family and I recently went on a little vacay to Port Dickson so I wanted to bring as many easy-breezy clothes as I could, and this jumpsuit definitely falls under that category.

I put this on in front of my sisters and they were like "Your booty is looking a little too delicious in this jumpsuit." Hey, I'm all about embracing your body, and I am in fact proud of my curves, but as a hijabi I try my best to be modestyou might not understand it, you might not be able to relate to that, but I hope you can accept it either way! So I thought, it's a good thing I brought my striped shirt, which I just tied that around my hips and problem solved!

Jumpsuit: H&M   |   Shirt: Mango (old)  |   Flip flops: Jack Skellington flip flops, Disneyland Paris

We had a little fun dabbling in horse riding at Eagle Rach Resortalthough, can you call it "horse riding" when someone else is holding the reign? Sure, you're on the horse, riding it, but... I don't know. I used to love it when I was a kid but this time around though, the guy made the horse galloped a little and I can assure you all that I don't think I ever want to be on a horse alone, by myself!

But it was all good, and the fun day ended with us all at the beach, witnessing the sun set. Just the perfect end!

*Photgraphed by Hazrina Aris


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