From PJ to Tokyo: 3rd Time

Pretty ecstatic, because I'm back in Tokyo, guys!

The last time I was here was when it was still winter-cold; it was one of the warmer days when I took this photo in Asakusa in mid-March, but I still felt the need for my winter jacket. Honestly speaking, I thought I wouldn't get to come back here, but here I am a mere two months later. I feel like such a lucky girl.

Shah had to come back here for business and of course he found out about it only TWO DAYS before our flightnot that I mind, really! Give me 5 hours notice and I'd probably still make it! I was a crazy llama going around town buying things we needed (mostly food; we're Asians after all, and Asians bring food to other Asian country) and doing laundry (dirty clothes that I want to bring here). In the end, we brought only a small amount of food and, I can't believe it myself, the least amount of clothes I've ever carried to another country. 

Not bringing any winter clothes helped tremendously though; our bags didn't threaten to burst at the seams this time around. I've decided to buy clothes (and some shoes and handbags) here instead of lugging half my closet here as I did the previous times. A bit nervous about that, but either way I will want to shop here so I might as well save on luggage weight.

By the way, the weather is GORGEOUS here in Tokyo. I just arrived this morning (slept for 40 minutes in the 6-hour overnight flight, am pretty jetlagged even though Tokyo time is one hour later than Malaysia time) but I'm already in love with how pleasantly cool the temperature is.

I haven't decided what to do here yetdidn't really have time to plan anything, other than shoppingso in the meantime I'm going to update my blog with outfits from my previous Penang trip.

So thankful and incredibly grateful to God right now. Can't wait to explore Tokyo (and possibly other cities) again! xxoo


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