Hijab Tutorial 'Segi Empat' Styles

I've been a long, rectangular scarf kind of girl when it comes to hijab for as long as I remember—similar to the kind of scarf that you wrap around your neck when the weather is starting to get chilly. I remember when I first wore the hijab, wrapping a long piece of chiffon round and round my head and feeling the satisfaction when it's framed my face perfectly.

A few months ago though, my little brother brought home three "segi empat" scarves and asked me to choose one. See, "segi empat" or square scarves are mostly perceived as old-school in the hijab world; square scarves were all the rage with your mother (when she was younger) and your mother's mother and your mother's mother's mother. I would have said no thank you to my brother if it weren't for me being a sucker for rich hues, because one of three scarves was this glorious mix of deep red, emerald green and gold, all of which are my favourite colours.

After saying thank you so much to my brother (my good manners are still intact, don't worry), I went home with the scarf where it stayed in my closet for weeks. One fine day, I decided to unearth it and looked up square hijab styles online to see what I could do with it, and what do you know, there is a whole other world of square hijab styles out there, and it is actually interesting and wonderful. So many modest fashionistas have changed the square hijab game, and I'm loving it!

Safe to say that I am on the hunt for more glorious square scarves such as my red one! Here are three of my favourite styles:

If you're into having a good coverage on the chest with your hijab, all of these styles are good for that but as always, all styles are totally adjustable to your own liking. 

Read on to find out how to achieve each style!

What you need:
  • One big square scarf (my red square scarf's length is approximately double my torso's width)
  • One inner hijab
  • Sharp little sewing pins (I like the ones with tiny discreet metal heads)
  • A small brooch

Style 1
1. Place the square scarf on your head and centre it, with the rest of the scarf billowing behind you
2-3. Pin the right and left side of the scarf onto your inner hijab
4. Pull the rest of the scarf from behind you towards the front so it rests in your shoulders
5. Make sure you don't pull too much so your skin at the back isn't in danger of being exposed
6. Grab the inner part of the left side of the scarf
7. Bring that inner part to the other right side of your face and pin it onto your inner hijab near your right ear
8. Adjust the arrangement of your scarf that's hanging accordingly
9. That's it!

Difficulty level:1/5

Style 2
1. We're trying to get that criss cross effect on the forehead to resemble a turban, so first of all, place the scarf diagonally on your head, with the one pointy end really near your ear. The excess scarf will now be on one side of your body.
2-3. Wrap the scarf around your face and cross it at the centre of your forehead.
4. Pin the criss cross securely in place
5. The rest of the scarf will be at the front part at this point
6. Bring that excess scarf to the back on one side; I brought it to my right side here, but you could switch it up!
7. Bring the end of one side of the scarf on top of your head, like a hoodie
8. Place it on top of your head (feel free to place it more to the front or more to the back, depending on what looks good on you!)
9-10. Pin that "hoodie" on the right and left side so it doesn't move
11. I wanted the part of the scarf that's resting on my chest to be more secured, so I pinned it to my top with a brooch
12. All done!

Difficulty level: 3/5

Style 3
1. Fold the square hijab in half so that you have a long rectangular shape
2. Place it on top of your head, leaving one side longer than the other; here the scarf on my left side is the longer one
3. We want to achieve a criss cross turban style but instead of crossing the scarf, we're just going to fold a part of the scarf to give the illusion of a criss cross. So now is the time to make a little fold at the centre of the forehead
4. Pin the fold onto your inner hijab so it that stays folded
5-6. Pin the right and left side of the hijab near your jaws
7. Take the inner part of the longer left side
8. Bring the inner part to the right side of your face, well under the shorter side of the scarf, and pin it near your ear
9. You're ready to go!

Difficulty level: 4/5

I genuinely love all these styles, so I'm so happy to be sharing them with you guys! I find Style 3 to be the most difficult as it took me so long to get the fold on my forehead just right, but as always, patience is a virtue! There are a lot more pretty styles that you can find here: tutorials hijab segi empat 

Let me know if you tried out any of these square hijab styles in the comment section down below! Have a good day guys xxoo


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