Photo Diary: Tsukiji & Ginza

Shah and I decided not to travel (too far) outside of Tokyo this fourth time around in Japan so we spend our weekend exploring new things and revisiting some of our favourite places.

No trip to Tokyo is complete without one morning bowl of raw seafood goodness! We had a good brunch at our favourite little shop in Tsukiji Fish Market before we headed off to Ginza for our first experience of "Hokosha Tengoku", where the Chuo Dori street is closed off to cars and other vehicles to make allowance for pedestrians to walk around and feel like they own the street. They (whoever "they" is) even left some tables and chairs right smack in the middle of the street for people to lounge on!

The thing is, we've always stayed super near Ginza but we never went there on weekend afternoons, always at night, so it was like we were looking at Ginza with a fresh pair of eyes. Plus, it felt oddly liberating to leave behind our footprints on one of the most famous streets in Tokyo.

More little photo diaries and Japan posts coming soon xxoo


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