Photo Diary: Ameyoko Market

Ameyoko or Ameyayokocho is this huge market in the Ueno area in Tokyo with apparently over 180 shops, which makes me think that there is no way anyone, local or foreign, has ever been to every single one of those over 180 shops (I could be wrong, of course).

Shah and I went searching for this market exclusively for its halal kebabonly because people kept mentioning it, which I totally get; in Paris, you could practically find a halal kebab joint at every corner but in Tokyo, it's like a rare gemstone waiting to be discovered.

Some of the shops in Ameyoko remind me of the stalls in Uptown markets in KL and PJ, filled with knick-knacks, random stuff that you don't need, clothes that you're better off not wearing and jerseys and shoes that might or might not be fake. But then there are stalls that sell great souvenirs to bring back home and shops that stocked actual useful things, like home accessories and homewares. And of course, not forgetting the endless food stalls lining the streets, but unfortunately not for us *sad face emoji*.

Whatever it is that rock your boat, it'll still be fun to wade through the streets of the market! I found a shop that sold hair clips and scarves that I spent 10 minutes in but came out empty-handed because I decided I could buy those things cheaper somewhere else.

We did come across a great little store on our way over to the market though, and I did buy something there!(P/s: It's this super cute top)

The kebab? It was alright, but I left Shah to his kebab and got myself some roast chicken at the halal chicken place next stall, which was more my cup of tea (or plate of...something, I suppose).

If I'm being entirely honest, I wouldn't recommend Ameyoko if you have limited time in your Tokyo visit, but since Shah and I were almost running out of touristy options in Tokyo, Ameyoko made sense for us. But like I said, whatever rocks your boat!


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