Houndstooth Blazer, High-Waist Pants & Platform Sandals | Mixing Old & New

I noticed this recently: the outfits that make me the most pleased are not the ones comprised of all new things or all old things, but the ones that are assembled from a bunch of really old things with a splash of new.

Not to say that I don't enjoy wearing a completely brand-new outfit, or an outfit made up of the things I already loved in my closet, of course not. But there's just this satisfaction that comes with me wearing something new that manages to freshen up the much-loved older items, you know?

The "something new" in this case is the white t-shirt underneath my blazer — the t-shirt that you can barely see, yes, which by the way has "UPSIDE DOWN" written on it (the words are literally written upside down, too).

As much as I wish it were an official Stranger Things merchandise, it was just an accidental find when I was perusing through the white t-shirt rack in Mango, looking for a basic plain tee; I decided at that moment that a t-shirt with "UPSIDE DOWN" on it was something I should snatch right away in lieu of a plain basic one, which I could buy at any other time.

    The fact that people cannot see the statement matters less to me than knowing I'm wearing it; style is a personal choice after all — at least to me. It doesn't matter that people don't know that the pants, the bag and the platform sandals were purchases made 5 years ago either (I mean, you know now, but that's not the point, others don't, shhh).

    What matters is I put them all together for an outfit that I felt good in — and was presentable enough to go to the local philharmonic hall, which is one of the very few places with a dress code that I bother visiting.

    Tip: When visiting a place with a dress code, a blazer always seems to fit in! A printed one makes dressing up more fun, too, like this houndstooth blazer which is the one-half of my houndstooth suit.

    I hope you like this outfit as much as I do! Thank you so much for reading guys 

    Now, on a more important note: anyone else a Stranger Things fan here?

    Wearing: H&M houndstooth blazer  |  Mango "Upside Down" t-shirt  |  H&M high-waist pants  |  Nuovo platform sandals  |  Ring bag from Tokyo  |  Lovisa hoop earrings

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    1. I just love this look and the very FIRST thing I zeroed in on was the t-shirt! I think it's cool when you can't read the message! Somehow it's intriguing and adds to the vibe of the outfit.
      Man type dressing with feminine detail is very fun and flattering. You look GREAT young friend! Love, Jude

      1. Thank you, Judy! <3 I do love androgynous style, and it IS something easy for hijabis like myself to experiment with.

        That intriguing vibe was something that I didn't intend to add of course, but I'm glad you see it that way, and now I hope others see it that way too, haha!

    2. Like the outfit? I'm obsessed with the outfit! Heheh. Yay to Stranger Things reference! I need to get that tee from your closet. Oops, I mean somewhere. Love the black and white vibe and how the sunglasses transformed the vibe of the look. Keep slaying sistah! <3

      1. Always a pleasure to meet another Stranger Things fan <3 <3 <3 I've seen people wearing t-shirts with their promo poster on them and I reeeaaally want one too.

        I've always been slightly conscious about wearing my glasses but for some reason they work with this outfit and I didn't mind having them on for the day one bit! Glad you approved xxoo


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