Easy Eyeliner Trick: Outer Corner Flick

I'm a fan of the big thick liner flick just as much as the next person but drawing it on both eyes symmetrically is undeniably a tedious, time-consuming feat. When I need to dash out the door but still want a hint of eyeliner, I turn to this easy trick: concentrate on drawing the flick only at the outer corner of the eye.

I learned the tip about 5 years ago from a YouTube tutorial by Lisa Eldridge (you can watch the video here); Lisa started by drawing the outer flick and drew a very thin line all the way into the inner corner, but I just leave the inner corner bare and stick to drawing a line starting from right next to the highest arch of my eye shape towards the outer corner (hoping that makes sense!).
Also: Lisa used a damp stiff angled brush with eyeshadow to draw her liner whereas I rely on my Maybelline Hyper Sharp Power black.

A while ago I shared a photo of me in this little flick on my Instagram Stories with a survey: are you a fan of this little flick, or nah? The result was almost 50-50, but I realised I had worded the burning question in my mind wrongly. What I really should have asked was:

Are you a fan of this little outer corner liner flick or would you rather go with bold and thick?

When I have time on my hand I personally prefer going big thick and bold with my eyeliner (like the one in my A Little Masculinity + A Whole Lotta Femininity post) but this easy outer corner flick is such a handy trick to have up your sleeve, plus it's harder to go wrong drawing just an outer flick. We all know the struggle of drawing a liner perfectly, only to fix it up later when the liner on the other eye doesn't match!

If you've never tried this trick, I suggest you give it a try. Good luck!


  1. This little eye makeup craft is really beautifu on you Liyana.
    As I've aged I find that eye makeup is something I look better with less of.
    Love, Jude

    1. Thank you, Judy <3

      Yes, I've learned that less is more as we age. I actually enjoy watching Lisa Eldridge's tutorials on makeup for mature women, it's very informational.


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