Snow White at Dreamworks

Shah and I had the pleasure of visiting Motiongate Dubai theme park on our transit back from Milan, and on that note, why has nobody ever shared with me that there's a theme park worth visiting in Dubai?

Or, a better question: did YOU know there's a theme park in Dubai where The Hunger Games is an attraction? Why didn't the world share this little info with us, amirite?

    It was a VERY hot day but it was a golden opportunity to visit Motiongate, as we have no idea when we would be in Dubai again, plus Shah and I are always game for a good theme park!

    I love dressing up when I go to theme parks and this time was no exception; I decided to finally take out my oversized Snow White top for this day, layering it on top of my matching "pyjama" set and pairing it with my new wee pearl bag from Milan.

    PS: Of course I have a pink oversized Cinderella top too.

      OK so even though Snow White did make an appearance in Shrek, ideally I would've loved to have worn it on a Disneyland trip. But since I don't see a Disneyland trip on the horizon, your gal's just gonna make do with whatever opportunity is presented to her, won't she?

      We read that it's ideal to visit in the park during winter when the weather would be more friendly, but if you do visit during the summer or right before or after, a tip: it might be super hot outdoors but it was too cold indoors, so I suggest you bring a light cardi in your bag.

      I'm planning to do a roundup of Motiongate iPhone photos here soon, just to give you an idea of how the park looks like, so watch out for that guys 

      Wearing: Snow White top from Shanghai Disneyland  |  Mango blouse  |  Mango pants  |  Adidas Stan Smith sneakers  |  & Other Stories bag

      Click each image below to see how I styled the red printed "pyjama" previously:
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        1. Oh my god, Liyana that looks so fun. I'm with you! I didn't even know that Dubai had theme parks. So yet another thing is on my travel bucklist. I blame you for this though. :P Anyway, I love the snow white shirt. It's so cute and I would wear it at every theme park, Disney or not!

          1. I had no idea too! Not until I was on the plane to Dubai, when they advertised it on board.

            You're right, a top this special should be worn whenever an opportunity to do a fun dressing up presents itself!

        2. From what I've read and seen about Dubai it's an amazingly modern place that seems a bit like a theme park in and of itself! I'm not surprised that they have a DreamWorks theme park. Isn't that the most current iteration of the Disney film industry?
          I can't wait to see more of the park and hear about what you thought of it.
          I always love it when you wear one of your beloved Disney character garments or accessories and I like this pairing. Love, Jude

          1. From what I've read, one of the co-founders of DreamWorks resigned from Walt Disney Co and opened up DreamWorks, and even though they did collaborated on distribution, they no longer work together. That's as far as Googling took me!

            I miss Disneyland so much, they just have the best stuff there! Most of the mugs I drink tea out of are actually from Disneyland, and I am so itching to get a new one...


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