The Way To Dress Up Faster: The Matching Set Shortcut

Honestly, I don't know which I love more: a mix-and-match pairing that just works (e.g. the recent geometric print + stripes ensemble) or an adorable matching set.
But hey, who says you have to choose between the two, amirite? The style world is our oyster, baybeh.

While the former presents a style challenge, a matching set involves almost no thought at all and is a legit dressing-up shortcut. The top part and the bottom part are designed to have the same exact print or pattern to make dressing up much more effortless.

Think of all the minutes (or hours, who's counting?) you could save in the morning that you could funnel into the time to prepare + eat a hearty, healthy breakfast instead.

Or for applying makeup, of course — you could really take your time drawing your cat-eye liner flicks now!

Matching sets are not just time-savers for in the morning, no; it's perfect for a lunch date or going out in the evening — whenever.

I'm sure there are many people like me who use the same amount of time to get ready at any time of the day: always longer than we initially planned!

That's exactly why matching sets are such a gift as they're something I can count on to not only get dressed faster but to end up looking decent and put-together as well.
PS: Also the reason I love a good casual suit!

This Bird of paradise printed blouse + split-side skirt is one of my matching sets that have gotten so much use. I switch the accessories every time I wear it so that it looks "fresh" each time. On this particular day, I've matched the set with high-top laced-up leather boots and my PVC backpack, which makes a super casual look.

There are so many blue, pink and purple hues in the multicoloured birds of paradise print to highlight, which makes styling simpler. My favourite styling of this set to date is the time I wore it to the F1 Sepang race when it had a more feminine vibe with a bright sky-blue hijab and silver earrings.

I'm such a fan of matching sets so I have plenty of them! Here are the ones I currently own that get just as much use as the birds of paradise set:

H&M "LOVE" Monogram Denim Kimono Top + Matching Denim Pants

H&M x GP & J Baker Floral Blouse

+ Matching Floral Print Palazzo Pants

Adidas Striped Sweater + Hotwind Striped Tapered Pants
Tip: a matching set doesn't even have to be made up of pieces from the same shop! Any items can be paired together to create a "matching set" as long as the prints or patterns are close enough.

Mango Printed Button-up Shirt

+ Matching Printed Wide-legged Pants
Tip: Don't be afraid to re-wear a set; match it with different accessories the next time you put it on

Zara Striped Top + Matching Striped Pants

Avan Lily Striped Shirt + Matching Button-down Skirt

Monki Oversized Striped Top + Matching Pants

Zara Houndstooth Top + Matching Culottes

Which one of these matching sets is your favourite?

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  1. You really do have a large number of matching sets!! On top of that fact you can add that they're all quit lovely!! I especially like the ones that have an authentic Asian inspired textile look or beautiful floral print. I'm thinkin' that these combos are perfect for you modest dressing and super cool as well! Fast dressing to be sure!!

  2. I'm very certain that I left a comment on this post...
    I'm in love with these matching ensembles!! You are my icon when it comes to setting the bar on beautiful "sets"!! :-) Love, Jude

    1. Hi Judy! After sending my last email to you I'm now ready to go through my comments and reply to them all! Thank you for your lovely, LOVELY comments (as usual! <3 <3 <3).

      I cannot stop looking for matching sets - not yet, at least. I recently found matching pants to a new PJ's-inspired top I got, and it's all black, so I'm excited to see how that turns out!

  3. You wear matching sets with a bold sartorial swag. I think that's why they always look so bomb on you. I am already tempted to match something in my wardrobe and see where it'll take me. I love the flowy flared silhouettes of most of your sets. I hope you are having a great weekend there! :)

    1. I'm constantly looking for matching sets but there's less of them in the market now. Perhaps it was more "on trend" then and not so much anymore now...? Beats me!

      Oh Shanaz, with your lanky slim figure you could carry ANY outfit, I'm sure.


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