Not Mad About This Donald Duck Denim Jacket

As you can tell, I'm not ready to give up on my Disney things. Not that I have to, anyway, because good news: I have the support to remain a Disney gal at heart forever from a couple of my readers last year!

The last Disneyland I visited was in Shanghai so it made sense that the city has shops that stock official Disney merchandises. I was ecstatic when I discovered a local China brand called Meters/bonwe — the name is literally styled that way, with the slash — collaborated with Disney on a fashion line.

Not going to lie, I tried to get my hands on as many things as I could without being too greedy, which was hard for a Disneyhead (or...Disniac?) like me.

You might have seen the Disney items I got from Meters/Bonwe: a Minnie Mouse sweater and Mickey Mouse-patched jeans, the pair of jeans with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy patches on it, and the Mickey-eared sling bag that I'm wearing again in this very post.

But until today, I haven't managed to share the one other thing I got in the store: this "angry" Donald Duck cropped denim jacket. It's such a special Disney jacket to own because it perfectly encapsulates the temperament of the beloved Donald Duck.

I don't ever go "Argggh!" in real-life (at least I hope I don't) but I like the idea of using a sartorial piece to get a message across if I'm ever feeling peeved about something!

Wearing: Meters/bonwe Donald Duck crop denim jacket  |  Zara frayed black jeans  |  Typo Mickey Mouse socks  |  Amori shimmer sneakers  |  Meters/bonwe Mickey Mouse ears sling bag  |  (not a fashion accessory) Lee Child's "The Visitor" book; I just started bingeing on his Jack Reacher series!


    You gift me a smile LIYANA! I think my favorite aspect of Donald was the tonal quality of his voice. That was always especially true when he became angry.
    In that first shot of your hooded back I thought you were going for a rapper look! :-):-):-):-) Love, Jude

    1. Oh dear, a rapper look! I don't know if I could ever pull that look off hahaha!

      My favourite is Mickey Mouse still but I just have true affection for every member of the Disney musketeers gang. I felt so lucky to have scored this precious jacket. <3

  2. "I know you I've danced with you once upon a dream..." :-):-)
    Love, Jude

  3. Oh so adorable! I think you should always be a proud Disneyhead! I just love the casual style of this outfit and agreed with Jude, that it felt rapper-ish in vibe. Super cool and the mickey bag is just the cutest, omg! I also like that frayed hem jeans you're wearing. Now....I'm waiting for something bright and colorful from you in your next outfit post, hopefully! Heh. =D xoxo

    1. Thank you Shanaz <3 Oh wow a hijabi rapper, I've seen a couple of those and I think they rock the vibes well but I certainly don't think I do, but thank youuu.

      It's weird but I've been wearing A LOT of neutral colours lately. I really need to step it up ahhh!


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