All The Polka Dots In The World

If you had told me when I was in my teens that I'd be wearing polka dots well into my 30s, I don't know if I would have believed you. Perhaps a bit ironically, I used to think polka dots were juvenile when I was a lot younger and steered clear of them.

Now it seems like I can never get enough of them. Seriously, gimme all the polka dots in the world and I'd be one happy gal.

Wearing: Topshop black & orange polka  |  Zara ribbon satin mules  |  Wicker sling bag from Jakarta  |  Lovisa ombre drop earrings

By the way, do you know how hard it is to find a good modest, long-sleeved and proper maxi polka dot dress? Take it from yo fave hijabi (I'm boldly assuming yo fave is me, yes): it is HARD.

I thought I was seeing things when my eyes laid on this black dress with orange polka dots. The cute polka dot dresses I see are always either 3/4-sleeved or midi-length or both (and why do I always discover this when I'm in the fitting room and not when the dress is hanging on the rack? smh).

So in my modesty book, trust me, this dress is a real gem. I love the pleated front, the bold orange dots, and even the open back that tied at the top, that would obviously require me wearing an underlayer of some sort. An extra layer in this hot and humid weather isn't ideal but for this gem: worth it.
(Sadly I do not have a shot of the back of the dress but rest assured, my back is fully covered.)

Pairing the dress with the ombre drop earrings I've been wanting to re-wear since the first time I put it on in Jakarta, plus my beloved faux-diamond ring from Seoul which cost like RM 12 but looked like the real deal — at least when I first bought it.

Check out my previous polka dot-accented ensembles by clicking on each image to go to its original post:


  1. You need to start looking for more of this deep orange/rust red. It's VERY attractive on you LIYANA!! Your polka dot dress is great! It's that perfect combination of playful and seriously cool.
    Those shoes!!! I feel like I remember them but at the same time they seem new! Did you add a new satin ribbon lacing??
    That purse! Same uncertainty! Everything has taken on that rich dose of Fall color.
    Yo is my favorite hijabi!!:-) Love, Jude

    1. Thank you so much Judy! <3 I agree with you. After wearing this outfit, I do think the deep shade complements my naturally tan skin. I actually own a suit that's in a similar rusty orange-y colour, even though it's not as vibrant, which I can't wait to wear that for this blog one day soon!

      I've worn those mules before and they've always had the double bows on them. I don't wear them as often as I'd like to though because they're a little slippery. Sometimes I regret buying them but...but they're just adorable with the bows on!

  2. Girl, I'm loving the new vibe of your blog. It's just amazing to my eyeballs. Especially the leafy motif. Hahah. Dots are the cutest thing right? When I was younger, I too seem to find them revolting. Could it be that as we age, we feel more open to wearing things that we once deemed childish when we were a child? I'm so glad you found the perfect hijabi dotted dress! I'd love to see the open back style and how you layered up. As always, you look bomb and I never get bored coming here! Stay safe from the haze!

    1. I am SO GLAD you like the new look. I think I change my blog look way more often than the regular blogger - whoops - but I can't help it. It's just how I am with photo presets and filters too, I like experimenting.

      It makes sense that we're more open-minded as we age, and we definitely care less about what people think too. Another thing I used to not like was the colour pink but now I wholeheartedly embrace it.

      Will definitely try to capture the back better the next time I wear this dress!

      You too babe, don't breathe in the haze too much!


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