The Crop Blazer

As a blazer enthusiast, I embrace all kinds and shapes of it.
Of course, finding said blazers in the exact fit I want is a whole other challenge, though.

 Having a serious penchant for oversized tops, I tend to go down the same route for blazers as well, preferring a straight-fitting or a looser cut. But to hunt a cropped blazer with the same sort of cut was definitely a harder task. It's been on my Wish List for so long that I almost forgot about ever pinning a couple of crop blazer photos on my "Style Inspirations" folder on Pinterest.

And then weeks ago, as you can see here, I discovered The Crop Blazer, hanging on a rack and on sale (yas). In a classic neutral beige shade, no less! There are so many outfit possibilities with this one but I really wanted to try to make it into a faux suit for its first time out, so I recruited these beige draped pants — which I also incorporated into yet another customised beige suit years ago.

What would you match this crop blazer with?

Wearing: Pull & Bear crop blazer  |  Zara draped pants  |  MCM box sling bag  |  Mango women oxford shoes


  1. Oh LIYANA! This is a wonderful coordinated look!
    Would you consider pairing it with a plaid trouser???
    Sophisticated lady :-)!

    1. Thank you Judy! I think it's a funny coincidence that you suggested plaid trousers because they were actually what I originally planned to wear! I got a pair of new high-waisted plaid flared pants a while ago which I sent to get altered but I never had time to pick them up from the shop, so I improvised, because I just really wanted to shoot this crop blazer.

      Also: I actually knew it was you commenting even before you clarified it in the second comment! =D

  2. Oops! That was me, Jude!

  3. OH SO CHIC! I love that sling bag! And everything about your outfit. Even though I don't wear blazers, your blog is seriously making me consider embracing the outerwear trend. You look absolutely stylish and I'm just loving the neutral color scheme of your OOTD! I hope you will style this cropped blazer in another look, say something along the lines of edgy yet quirky? LOL. Super vague but I know you'll just wow us all!

    1. Honestly I always wonder, if I don't wear the hijab, would I bother with the blazers? I'd probably own a couple but I DEFINITELY won't be wearing them as much as I do now!
      In any case you would look cool in anything Shanaz, so I look forward to the day you rock a blazer on your blog!

      Hoping to style this blazer in a completely different direction too next time =D


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