When French Tuck Is The (Only) Way To Go

Honestly, Legoland Malaysia's theme park isn't that big, and with considerably fewer attractions (albeit appropriately fun, especially for kids), it can be covered in just one day. Having spent our first day covering most of the theme park, there weren't many rides left we wanted to try out on the second day, which means lugging around a camera was easier, so yay for me!

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As usual, when it comes to spending a hot day out here in Malaysia, easy-breezy is key when it comes to dressing up. I did want to incorporate something delightfully whimsical so my cat print "pyjama" shirt — the one I wish came with matching pants — felt perfect for the occasion.

The only catch? Stealing it back from my sister's Rina wardrobe, where it was residing. Since honesty is a big priority for me though, instead of stealing it stealthily, I just asked her if it was OK to steal it back, to which she reluctantly said OK.
(If this conversation isn't proof that we're sisters, I don't know what is.)
I've been really into wide-legged pants lately and I just l-o-o-o-ve the plaid detail on this pair.
Also, bonus points for them for being high-waisted because high-waisted FTW.

Speaking of high-waisted pants: if there's one style that I wish I could wear out, it's looping a belt around a pair of good high-waisted pants, with a simple oversized shirt tucked ALL the way in; it just gives off this cool "gentlewoman" vibes I wish I possess.

While I am thankful for my womanly curvy hips, the style I just described sadly doesn't look as flattering on me as it does on some of those so-chic-it-hurts girls I see on Pinterest. (Hi, Japanese and Korean ladies, by the way how are you guys so naturally dang stylish?)

One way for me to imitate that styling — and for you too, if you think tucking in all the way isn't your thayng either — is to instead french-tuck shirts in. A good french-tuck for me = good to go!

Wearing: Mango cat print silky pyjama shirt  |  Topshop high-waist wide-legged plaid pants  |  Adidas Stan Smith sneakers  |  Ciaopanic bag


  1. What are you talking about! You look super stylish with the tucked in look and are in a league of your own girl! :p I love the flowy blouse with the kitty print and I hope you will find a matching pair of skirt/pants to go with the top one fine day whilst shopping:D

    1. Thank you Shanaz! I'm so glad you think so, and I'll happily wear this look out again! Ughhh still on the prowl for a matching SOMETHING for this top, really.


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