The Tee of The Story Of An Uncommonly Gentle Man

It felt a little like going to my style roots in this outfit; there was a period when all I wanted to wear were ripped jeans with whatever oversized statement t-shirts I had in my closet. It's been a while since I utilize a white shirt for layering purposes, too — can't think of a better partner for this Edward Scissorhands (!❤!) tee.
By the way, men's white shirts = bomb diggity. If you've been visiting my blog for a while I think it's clear that I'm all for oversized clothes, so it makes perfect sense I'd raid the men's section often — and when I said "men's sections", of course I meant Shah's side of the closet in our house, guys.

Another styling trick I learned that's universally loved and try to utilize often, including in this ensemble: implementing yin-yang/juxtaposition, which is why I slipped into a pair of dainty ballet flats with the biggest bow ever in here on top of all the oversized-ness and ripped stuff.

We cannot not talk a little about the story of an uncommonly gentle man, not while I'm in this outfit! Edward Scissorhands was one of my favourite movies growing up. Like most of Tim Burton's movies, it's one of the most fantastical movies I've ever watched but the lessons on humanity that the movie shares are raw and real.
I didn't understand the movie fully the first time I watched it as a young girl; what I remember most from it was being enthralled with Edward's scissor fingers, his hedge-trimming artworks, and the rainbow hues around the dark and grey Edward. Watching the movie as an adult, however, is like watching an entirely new movie altogether, with a new kind of understanding. It's a lot harder now to watch Edward in his awkward attempts to fit in into the society, without feeling my heart breaking at his innocence and naivety.

On that note:
Have you watched the movie? If you haven't, I absolutely do recommend you to watch it.
If you have, did you enjoy it as much as I did, you think?

Wearing: Pull & Bear Edward Scissorhands t-shirt  |  Emsexcite jeans  |  Old bag  |  Mango ballet flats with bow  |  Aldo shades

PS: I really like Tim Burton + his movies and have talked about him plenty in this lil virtual space! Check out these other style posts in which I mentioned my director-bae's name:


  1. Edward Scissorhands was WONDERFUL!
    Tragic, soulful, and universally inspiring. Daring to be real is to risk rejection. Love Jude

    1. It always pleases me to find a fellow Edward Scissorhands fan <3 Thank you for the comment my dear Judy. Hope winter is not too cold there!

  2. Holla chic chicka! You always look rad in anything and this yin and yang OOTD has the right dose of edgy that I like so much. Like you, I had watched Edward Scissorhands as a teen and felt pulled in by his complex character . I don't know how I'd feel if I were to watch it once again from a different aged lens but I know for sure I'd learn something my younger self had missed.

    1. There were plenty of movies from my childhood which I watched again and thought oh my GOD is THAT what THAT was REALLY about??? I can totally relate to re-watching and learning new things along the way.


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