Jumpsuit to Boiler Suit | Casual Day Out In Sentosa Island, Singapore

How's it going, guys? It's been a while since I last updated my blog! Of course, a lot has happened since then, but I'm most excited to tell you about how Shah and I decided to commemorate our 10th marriage anniversary: we went to Hong Kong DISNEYLAND!
Not only did we go to the park, but we also decided to stay at the Disneyland hotel to make our trip even more special.

We initially hesitated about going to Hong Kong what with their current state but upon searching about visiting the country we learned that it was safe enough for tourists, providing we avoid the ongoing protests. We certainly want to be respectful and not be in the way of anything.

Everything worked out fine for us; with Shah's busy work schedule, we had to make sure the trip was confined to only two nights anyway so the entirety of our short trip was spent in Disneyland and the resort exclusively, and not venturing into the city centre.

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But more on our Disneyland trip later! Right now I want to share with you this outfit that I wore on a trip to Singapore last month — Shah's work trip, to be exact. It was a lot of fun, having stayed in Sentosa Island for the first time at the pretty Le Meridien hotel. Even though Shah was busy most of the time, we still managed to do new things on this trip, including watching the Wings of Time laser and fireworks night show — which I had no idea existed until the helpful staff at the front desk gave suggestions on things to do while we were at the island.
If you guys plan to visit Sentosa Island, I would definitely recommend making time for the show as well as the Skyline Luge Sentosa, a cool gravity-driven go-cart-like ride which Shah, my younger sister and I tried out on the same day we visited Universal Studios Singapore for my birthday trip (and Rina's!) in January this year.
I spent a whole entire day in this checkered grey jumpsuit — the one that is very much my jam. This time around though, I tied the belt at the back, making the blazer-style jumpsuit look more like a boiler suit, and switched mules for sneakers.

Overall my second time styling this jumpsuit had a more casual vibe, which suited my activities for the day out.

On that note, do you prefer this casual styling of the jumpsuit or the more subdued black mules + black scarf accented one (refer to last link above)?

Wearing: Mango checkered jumpsuit  |  Uniqlo Airism t-shirt (men's one, because the ladies' Airism t-shirts are all annoyingly scoop-necked!)  |  Adidas Stan Smith sneakers  |  Lancel Premier Flirt canvas sling bag

PS: This post is NOT sponsored (#iwish). Singapore is one of my favourite countries to visit and I would absolutely encourage you guys to visit it at least once. Make sure to dress for the hot and humid weather though!


  1. You look sartorially on point in the jumpsuit! I just adore the way you introduced a colored hijab in a geometric style to go with the grid one-piece. And of course, that smile! How very sweet it is. Wishing you a joyous end-of-the year holiday love!

    1. I was really glad that the geometric hijab has a hue in it that matches the grey of the jumpsuit, because I really didn't want to match the jumpsuit with a black scarf again! Glad you approve of this look, Shanaz! Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR BABEEE <3


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