Disneybounding at Hong Kong Disneyland, Part II-II: Donald Duck + What Is Disneybound?

Perhaps I should have taken the time to explain the concept before creating multiple posts on the subject: what IS this Disneybounding
It all began with this rule: while kids are free to dress up as their favourite Disney character, it is a big no-no for adults

All Disneylands have cast members dressed up as the many characters from the Disney universe, who immerse themselves in the roles. These actors are dedicated to their job, making visitors feel like they're interacting with the real character. You could see them around the park from time-to-time, either in a proper meet-and-greet session or walking around to have short interactions with visitors.

It's especially heartwarming to see kids getting all excited to see their beloved characters face-to-face instead of behind a screen, but it's the best when adults play along too — yours truly included, of course! Every time I met or came across a Disney character in Disneyland,  a part of my brain told the other parts that OMG Liyana you just met the character.
(Seriously, there are videos of me gushing over my favourite characters I met that includes Jack Skellington and Captain Marvel, the same way I reacted when I met real-life celebrities I admire. Hello, Tim Burton and Nicol David.)

Disneyland understandably does not want visitors confusing their incredible actors with visitors who aren't trained to represent the image of the character or Disney itself, hence, the no-dressing-up rule for adults.
So that was how the concept of Disneybound came about: a way for Disney-loving adults (a.k.a. Disneyheads or Disniacs) to creatively dress up as a Disney character without actually looking like the character.

With Disneybounding, the Disney world is your oyster; no character is too big or small to Disneybound as. It's truly a way to get creative while having fun and not take it all too seriously. There are so many Disneybounders out there sharing their results in social media that are easily searchable to inspire your own Disneybounding effort. 

Note: Check out #Disneybound / #Disneybounding / #Disneybounders on Instagram.

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This was Shah's favourite out of all his Disneybound outfits, like how Daisy Duck was mine. Shah wore the same tan shoes as he did in his Mickey outfit and aside from those shoes, the only new other thing he had on was the red bow — he couldn't resist adding it to complete Donald Duck's signature look. (PS: See Donald's look that inspired Shah.)

Stay tuned for Part III of our Disneybound outfits 

Shah is wearing: Pull & Bear powder blue blazer  |  Padini & Co blue shirt  |  Mango red bow tie  |  Mango white pants  |  Timberland tan shoes  |  Aldo shades


  1. For someone who likes to be behind the lens for your photos, your partner looks like he is at ease in front of the camera too! The outfit does whisper Donald, a dapper Donald! Liyana, you have to get him convinced he's got to have a fashion blog too! Hahah. Hope you two love birds are well and keeping healthy :) Stay safe!

    1. He was amused to hear someone thinks he should own a fashion blog but very, VERY flattered too, and he said thank you! I think Shah does a good job LOOKING like he enjoys being in front of the lens, but anyway I'm just thankful he's willing to do it for me this time around.
      I hope you're doing good too with your family at home!


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