Disneybounding at Hong Kong Disneyland, Part III: Princess Merida

This is the third and final part of my Hong Kong Disneybounding experience, which involved a lot of browsing through photos at the park and the hotel, which, inevitably, is making me wishing hard for more Disneyland trips.

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You didn't think I would decide on three Disney characters to Disneybound as and not Disneybound as a Disney Princess, did you? Choosing which Princess was the real question though, as I genuinely love them all. Mulan was definitely a top choice (refer to point no. 8 here) and so was Rapunzel, but the decision was made when this beautiful modest teal-emerald green dress caught my eyes in a department store that I happened to just past through; I immediately thought, "Oh my God, PRINCESS MERIDA."
I just couldn't resist getting one new special thing for my Disneyland trip and, hey, using the badass Merida as an excuse made sense to me.

Wearing: Teal emerald ruffle dress from Parkson (apologies, I forgot the brand, and the dress is currently at my old house!)  |  Timberland laced-up boots  |  MCM sling bag

The whole outfit came together quickly as I already owned the perfect red-orange scarf to emulate Merida's gorgeous wild red curls. I also added a brooch to my hijab to represent Merida's bow and arrow as the finishing touch. A little kitsch in Disneybounding goes a long way, peeps.

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A trip to any Disneyland from Malaysia can't really be a spur-of-the-moment thing to do — not impossible, no, but neither ideal nor practical! We're talking taking time off work, the planning it needs, and not to mention the heap of money it would involve. 

So one of my girlfriends recently sent me an Instagram post of a Disney fan who Disneybound for fun and suggested I Disneybound whenever, too. A suggestion that does intrigue me, so perhaps I could get into it in the future myself, but what do you think?

Bonus question: Any guess on what Shah Disneybounded as alongside me here?


  1. OMG, I didn't know anything about Princess Merida until you mentioned it! LOL! I stopped watching Disney films quite a while back, hahah! You look gorgeous as ever and I really love seeing how beaming you looked in these pictures, girl! Can't wait to see what's next on your Disneybound collection! =D xoxo

    1. Thank you Shanaz, you're so sweet <3 If you ever get the chance to watch Brave, do watch it! It's not the best Disney movie ever but it's a unique one with some sweet moments. Plus Merida is kind of a badass too.
      This is the last Disneybound outfit from my trip but I can't wait to do more Disneybounding in the near future!


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