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Disneybounding at Hong Kong Disneyland, Part III-II: Queen Elinor the Bear

Am I right in saying there is not a chance anyone guessed Shah Disneybounded as the black bear from Brave?
And not the cursed one that Princess Merida's father a.k.a. King Fergus regarded as his mortal enemy too, but the bear that Queen Elinor transformed into after eating the cake embedded with the witch's spell.
After all, which other character does anyone think of when you talk about the movie Brave after Merida? Her regal authoritative mother, for sure, so of course my Princess Merida needs her bear by her side!

I don't think you could tell from these photos (kudos to Shah) but he was very much less enthusiastic about Disneybounding as this character than he was about Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. But since we were exclusively going for all matchy-matchy Disneybound outfits — OK, OK, I was, anyway — he was game for anything in the end.

How easy is it to Disneybound as the bear? Just don all black and add some bear "ears" and done and done.
Honestly, never thought I'd see the day Shah would be willing to put on my pom pom beanie and be photographed — things people do for love, amirite? ❤ 

Shah is wearing: Mango black blazer  |  Mango black polo shirt  |  Uniqlo black pants  |  Adidas shoes  |  Bershka pom pom beanie

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