A Gentlewoman Edition: Floral Embroidery & Stripes

I used to describe my style as "messy casual chic" — probably doesn't sound all that flattering, but somehow those three words encapsulate my wardrobe picks pretty well in my opinion. They're still the words I'd use to talk about my current style but that doesn't mean I want to look just "messy casual" every single time. 

I'm all about sampling different flavours when it comes to style — as long as they're all modest, of course — and I feel like this particular outfit combination here incorporates a little bit of that gentlewoman vibe, something that's not always present in my outfits.

The nude-hued pants with blue stripes, while bought off the rack, made their way to an alter shop because I needed them to fit more snugly around the waist, resulting in a very good-fitting gentlewomanly pair of pants in my style book. 

This, by the way, really is a great tip I learned: see something you really like on the rack but it doesn't quite fit? Send it to a tailor and alter it to your liking!

As for the floral-embroidered shirt, I've owned it for years but oddly it never made it onto The Good Weekender, until this post. I adore the blue and white pinstripes, and even though it was already designed as a loose fit I still went further up one size. I liked the sweet shirt so much, I bought one for my mom, too.

I felt a little adventurous this time around so I abandoned the buttons and cross the edges over, turning the button-down shirt into a wrap top instead.

I'm really starting to get this dressing-up-for-at-home thing down pat but, I've got to say, phew, the effort. The feeling definitely differs when you're dressing up to venture outside the house compared to when it's for lounging around the inside of the house. It's a feeling I can't really explain but I'm hoping you're somehow familiar with it...? I don't think I'm a vain person; I don't need my outfits to be seen by others, but I like the idea of having an outfit dedicated to a special activity. I get a buzz dressing up just to have a good talk-over-coffee session in a quiet cafe somewhere with Shah, for example.

In this case though, I had a trip to the vet planned for the very next day after these pics were taken, so this outfit got to see the light of the day after all!

Wearing: H&M floral embroidered shirt  |  Topshop pinstriped wide-legged pants  |  Plenty.my & Cappico rings

Hope you like this gentlewomanly look! On that note, aren't my grey Ikea house slippers just smashing?

♡     ♡     ♡     ♡     ♡     ♡     

Thanks so much for reading this, until my next post 


  1. Dressing up for home can be funny. Sometimes I like it. This time I would like to go out for a coffee too. But ... Covid 🙄
    You look gorgous and it‘s kind you bought your mother the same shirt.
    XO Tina

    1. Never realised dressing up to go out for a cup of casual coffee could turn into a privilege, right?
      Thank you, Tina. By the way, I actually think my mom looks better in the shirt than I do. Perhaps some day I'd get to photograph her wearing it and share it here =)

  2. Yes, please do show us your mom wearing the shirt perhaps, along with you too! You've always been chic in your styling but I can't never call it messy as somehow, everything looks completely put together. Love the embroidered details on your shirt and how you wore it in a wrap styling. Super stylish and yes, I was looking at your Ikea slippers and they do look smashing! :O xoxo

    1. I guess because I never feel I look as put-together as some people, but then again I kind of like that "messy" edge, too - less pressure or something when I get dressed up! (Well, that's how it is in my head, anyway.)

      I have no idea when I'll be able to travel back to my hometown to hug my parents again =( but I hope it's real soon. I'll ask my mom for a little twinnie photoshoot when that happens, and hopefully she'll agree to it!


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