The Changes I Made To My Previous Hormonal Acne-Prone Skincare Routine

Yep, surprise surprise, I'm still struggling with hormonal acne. But the good news is I've come to terms with that and taking the battle day by day, staying positive as I go!

After more than one year, a couple of (inevitable) changes have been made to my previous hormonal acne-related post:

  1. I still use products that specifically target acne, but I've made the switch to buying products that are sold online instead of just relying on products that are readily sold in local pharmacies here. Eucerin Pro Acne range worked well on me, but as with the other skincare ranges I've depended on previously, they would just stop being effective after some time.
    I read that some people's skin just adapts to certain products and would not respond afterwards. Does this happen to you, too?
  2. I no longer visit a dermatologist — but not entirely by choice, sadly. When I first moved to Johor I was able to go back to PJ periodically and made the time for visits to the dermatology clinic, but, well, as we all know, Covid happened. Crossing borders were not allowed, and then I just never got into looking for a new dermatologist that's nearer to me.

The one thing that remained the same was I rely on makeup, especially my favourite NARS concealer, as much as ever!

After I was ready to give up on continuing with Eucerin, I Googled A LOT to find out which acne-targeted products have mostly positive reviews and most importantly, affordable. I considered plenty of brands like Dermalogica and Dr Murad but I wouldn't exactly call them affordable; it would be too hard for me to make either of them a sustainable choice for me financial-wise.

I decided on The Ordinary in the end but it took some time for me to find a seller that I trust since the brand is not sold in any local shop — not even in our local Sephora, can you believe it ☹ — and can only be purchased online here in Malaysia. There are a LOT of fake The Ordinary products out there and I suspect some of them are circulating widely on Lazada and Shopee shops, even, so please, be careful my fellow Malaysian peeps!

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

I'll be sharing my adjusted skincare routine in another post soon, so hope you'll come back here to check that out 


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