Borrowed From The Boys: The Classic Black Blazer

Great news: the box full of my clothes from PJ arrived yesterday and I am SO pleased. But, yes, a little bit of context: remember when I talked about how I only have like 2% of my clothes here in Johor? I thought I should remedy that ASAP because I kept finding myself straying towards window-shopping for clothes online — something I don't even enjoy doing, by the way, but I was doing it more and more, which is not ideal!

I chalked that up to having so few options in front of my eyes. (My willpower can get a tad feeble, oop — I'm only human! Also, 2% is not a lot, no?) Obviously not being able to cross borders meant I needed help from someone in PJ and thankfully I have my ever-reliable younger sister to help me root through my disaster of a closet, pick out suitable choices, box them up, and send them over!

PS: I didn't really get my stuff in order at the PJ house before moving here, but in my defence, I naively thought I would go back after Covid cases go down, but then, well......I can't even bear to finish this sentence, because the handling of Covid here could have been a lot better, let's just leave it at that. I digress.

While waiting for my clothes to arrive, there was a day when I felt like dressing up anyway, but I thought I should think outside the box this time. And by "box", I meant the boxy space that occupies MY clothes. So outside of that "box", right next to it, is where Shah stores his clothes. Granted, it was also a "box" technically (I mean, it's a rectangular wardrobe with two compartments, so...two boxes?) but, still, a different one, and outside of my OWN box.

And from that other box, I took out this super versatile classic black blazer to go with a plain white tee and jeans. The blazer is one of my favourite things to see on Shah, but I guess it doesn't look too bad on me either, right?

Hope you like this outfit featuring something borrowed-from-the-boys! Thanks so much for reading, please do come back here for my next post 


  1. Looks fantastic! I should probably wear blazers more than I do so I love this style inspiration!

    1. Thank you Humaira! I absolutely love blazers for their versatility and I think everyone and anyone looks good in them, so I'm on board with your plan to wear more of them =D


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