My Most Favourite Maxi Dress Ever (Very Possibly) + My Ketupat Bag

The third time's the charm, right? Well, it might be the third time this dress is featured here on this blog but it is very likely this won't be the last time you might see it again because if it isn't obvious already seriously I LOVE THIS MAXI DRESS so dang much.

Whilst this is the third time you're seeing it here, make no mistake: I've adorned this dress too many times to count now — leading to a worry of mine, which is WHAT IF I wear it out way too much and cause it to become worn out and it no longer becomes very possibly my most favourite maxi dress ever? Which of my maxi dress do I turn to? Others I own isn't this perfect, my gals.

What is it about the dress that I love? The fun print, the perfect loosely-hung-on-my-body fit, the right maxi length for my hijabi-self — just everything, really.

I suppose I'll just worry about what dress will take over the title of Most Favourite Dress when the time comes, which, I hope never will.

OK, fellow Malaysians (and Indonesians and Singaporeans and Bruneians too): does this yellow-ish green sling bag look like ketupat nasi, or nah? But it does, right? The fact that it resembles ketupat nasi so much was the main reason I got it because it was nearing Eid last year and I decided I want a new bag just for the special day (but ended up not wearing it, because I didn't even leave the house due to the pandemic on the day).

To others who don't know: ketupat nasi is one of the main carbs dishes we serve during Eid. Compacted rice that's packed and boiled in intricate weavings of palm leaves, they're beautiful and absolutely divine eaten with rendang or kuah kacang or lodeh or whatever your previously-fasting-for-a-month tummy desires — perfect for Eid celebration.

Trust me, not being in the know of the happenings in the world of high fashion (I care a lot less now), I had no idea though it was a dupe for Bottega Veneta Cassette bag, featuring their signature intrecciato weave — but then again I've always thought "Ketupat nasi!" every time I come across BV's bag or clutch with that weave design IRL or in social media, so perhaps I should've guessed.

Either way, I own it already so I might as well make use of it! Another fun (or not) fact: I painstakingly searched high and low (in the Shopee app, that is) for a scarf that matches the yellow-ish green hue of the bag closeee enough. Did I succeed, you think?

Thank you for reading this post! Hope to be back with another post soon, but until then 

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Click on each photo below to see the other two times I styled this dress on this blog!


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