5 Big-Item Online Home Decor Purchases That Passed The KIV Stage

After living in this house for almost two years, I have come to the conclusion that I will never truly finish decorating my home. How does one "finish" when there are things that don't stay in one place long enough to make a proper assessment? My vases are practically nomads at this point. The frames on my gallery wall don't contain the same wall art as they did a year ago.

That being said, I'm pretty much done with the big furniture, which is an achievement in my book! No more surveying and comparing prices! No more staying up at night for feverish online browsing! (Yes I probably take home furnishing too seriously.) I got the biggest furniture like bed frames, dining table, and sofas as soon as I moved in but I just couldn't find the right options for the smaller Big Items, like side tables and table/floor lamps, so I had to place them on the back burner.

Fast forward to 2021, I was finally armed with enough budget and had gotten savvier at online shopping — obvs I got a LOT of practice out of all those online buys during the height of the pandemic, not gonna lie! I surveyed as many options as possible and place them in the KIV (Keep In View) stage before any of them can make it past the shopping cart to checkout. 

I needed to make sure that whatever I buy will continue to be appreciated in their place inside the house for a long, long time, so it was absolutely necessary to weigh all the options against each other carefully. I definitely don't want to regret a pricey purchase, but it's been months of them prominently displayed in my home and so far, it's love all around!

Here are my five favourite big-item online home decor purchases:

1. Rainbow Acrylic Side Table

I had never ever bought anything so expensive on Shopee or Lazada before. Thinking about the shipping process for this table made me SO worried; what if the table broke in half or got sliced in places during delivery and the seller refuses to exchange or refund it? Honestly, the RELIEF I felt when it arrived in one piece! I could nitpick on the little imperfections, like slight scratches or minuscule indentations, but since they're virtually undetectable I chose to live with them — just don't get down and study it if you ever visit me! My favourite thing about this acrylic table is it reflects back rainbow hues from the natural light coming from outside, which is just gorgeous to look at.

Where I bought it: Style My Home - Rainbow Acrylic Coffee Table

2. Wavy Black & Gold Floor Lamp

I'm legit wowed at how I managed to snag this beauty on Lazada of all places! What a find and at such a bargain price, too.

Where I bought it: The original shop I got it from is Taobao Collection but the original listing has been deleted. I manage to find the lamp in a different listing at its sister shop (I think), Tao Lights & Decor Floor Lamp

3. Cobalt Blue Wavy Side Table

Do I need another side table? The question is, does anyone actually need a side table in the first place? The answer is obviously no. But does a side table make your life more fun living, and therefore worth getting? Yes, the answer is Y-E-S. Where else would I put my 13th vase and stack of books on otherwise?

When I KIV-ed this wavy side table, I had no idea it was a replica of Gustaf Westman's iconic design! Once I found out, I grew obsessed with his work and started lusting after his objects, but unfortunately, I'm not in a position where I can afford his work, so a replica would have to do (for now, never say never!).

Where I bought it: Sis Homedecor (I'm not sure if the seller still sells the side table since it's an Instagram shop, so do DM them to ask)

4. Green Patterned Table Lamp

I think I looked at 137 different table lamps before deciding on this one. Who knew Shopee and Lazada are stocked with pretty lamps? Ultimately I decided on this one with its dark green lampshade with a bold pattern since my furniture are mostly in solid colours, but more importantly, I was attracted to its relatively affordable price tag!

Where I bought it: Serendipity Lighting Store Ceramic Table Lamp

5. Patterned Bamboo Fiber Dessert Plates

OK so this is probably not that Big of an item, but I think these plates deserve a place on this list because look at how fun and pretty the patterns are! It costs around RM21-26 per piece though, so in my opinion, they're not the cheapest for a plate on the smaller side. I feel like having a complete set of six though, which is why I just ordered two more plates with different designs.

Where I bought them: Two from Well's Home and two from Decor Homeware, and one of the newly ordered is coming from Chotto Bamboo Fiber Plate

•     •     •     •     •     •     •     •     •     •

To think that I used to hate online shopping! I'm glad for Shopee, Lazada, and local Instagram shops because they honestly make online shopping easier, rather than me having to browse a bunch of different brands' websites or survey from physical shop to physical shop! Please note that the items here are mainly accessible to Malaysians so if you're one of my international readers and are inspired by any of these items, I hope you'll be able to scour the internet for them or something similar looking.

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Thank you for reading this post!
I hope you're well and safe in wherever part of the world you're currently in ❤


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