Daisy, Ruffles & Mesh (With A Little Samba)

I've had this soft peachy hued mesh dress for almost six years now but looking at older photos of me wearing it — at how super basic I styled it the first two times especially, tsk tsk tsk — I realize this dress is far from reaching its full potential. 

Truth be told, I don't think I've quite figured out that many more interesting ways to style the mesh dress, but, you know what, I'm going to try, peeps, IMMA TRY.

In the meantime, right after I "rescued" this mesh dress from my old house in PJ last year and hung it at my house here in Johor with the other 2% clothings, somehow I immediately saw it being a fun match to my daisy ruffles dress. But one thing in that "vision" was missing: my black Adidas Samba sneakers. I had to wait for plenty more weeks before I could go back for my Sambas, but it was worth the wait to me; apparently my butt is stubborn enough that it refused to see the outfit paired with any other shoes!

See: The first time I wore this sweet daisy dress on the blog

Thank you so much for reading this post ❤

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Click on each photo below to see how I styled the peach mesh dress previously on The Good Weekender:


  1. You look stylish as well girl! My eyeballs just fell in love with the breezy boho silhouette of your OOTD, I seriously don't know how you do it. I can't wait to see how you will style the mesh dress in other ways in the future as your style evolves :) xoxo

    1. So glad to have your approval, thank you Shanaz! I have an idea to wear the dress underneath a suit but I spend more time outdoors compared to before now so I'm still figuring out the logistics =)


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