(Almost) All-Black: The Path of Least Resistance

Just noticed that I kept pairing this floral Adidas sweater with black pants! Evidently, certain items turn me into a one-trick pony, agh. It must be because an all-black outfit is right on the path of least resistance, isn't it? What other colour combo — if it even counts as a combo? — other than black on black requires a lesser amount of thinking?

I'm not against playing it totally safe and going strictly head-to-toe black but the beauty of wearing a black top + black bottom in an ensemble is you're free to add any splash of colours you like elsewhere without worrying too much about clashing. My MO, apparently!

March 2022


What I Matched my black floral Adidas sweater with:
black culottes, hot pink tote, Mickey Mouse sneakers

October 2019


What I Matched my black floral Adidas sweater with:
black jeans, black backpack, white sneakers (with pink and red shoelaces!)

September 2019


What I Matched my black floral Adidas sweater with:
black wide-leg pants, Superstar black-and-white sneakers

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Which (almost) all-black outfit is your favourite? Help me figure out what to match this sweater with please  anything but black pants! Any idea?

Thank you for reading this post! Until my next one ❤


  1. You always slayed it! Urghh. Love the almost black OOTD of yours. Your looks are so bomb so I don't see the one-trick pony vibes hahaha. Absolutely fun mixture of colors you brought into the equation. Happy Ramadan to you girl! :D xoxo

    1. Ahhh thank you Shanaz! So pleased to know that you think they look different despite all the same black shades in the outfits! I must be doing this somewhat right then <3


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