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Disniac + Colour chaser

Camouflaging my super dark sunken undereye half circles!

What i usually do:

My Stage concealer in their darkest shade

MAC lipstick in Morange

Mix them two

My dark half-circles

I apply foundation first - you can see the foundation doesn't help the darkness so much

I'd like to apply concealer EITHER before putting on eye makeup OR after; like in my…

Working With Revlon Colorstay Foundation

Recently, my patchy foundation was quite noticeable. I had originally pinpoint the problem to putting my foundation on in a hurry. But afterwards, after looking through some photos i took on that day, i discovered that the culprit was the foundation itself.

Many reviewers in Makeupalley had a prob…

Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencil

Retailing for Rm14.90 (or 15.90?) in the nearest pharmacy, these babies are a steal!

I bought one in shade 06 Metallic Bronze a few months ago, and had loved it. It's versatile and so easy to use.

This particular eyeliner range gets a rating of 4.6 out of 5 from 18 reviews on the Makeupalley s…

Revlon Super Lustrous. Mmm. Lustrous indeed.

It gives me a real buzz when i discover something i've been using is in a best top 3 or 5 or 10 list somewhere. Or in this case, 5 fabulous affordable items.

Yahoo! Shine produced a short article on 5 Fabulous Beauty Essentials Under $10, and the second item is something i use almost weekly.


Makeup Geek Brushes!

Makeup Geek brushes bought from my beloved Marlena are hereee.

The five brushes are - top to bottom -:

MUG Deluxe Foundation Stippling Brush
MUG Eye Shader Brush
MUG Soft Dome Brush
MUG Stiff Dome Brush
MUG Angled Contour Brush

Pictures taken right after i washed them, which i did ten minutes after rippin…

Make Up Makeup

To take my obsession with makeups from 'habiskan duit suami beli makeup' to another level - just a tiny bit higher up.

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