Scenic Walk to Nijubashi Bridge

It has been said that Nijubashi Bridge is "the most photographed scene in Japan". I almost didn't even visit the bridge but I'm really, really glad Shah dragged me over there, because (1) the bridge does look pretty magnific, and (2) the walk to the bridge from the train station offered some pretty gorgeous views. 

We were especially lucky as it had been raining earlier that day and the sun that came out afterwards cut through the thin fog that seemed poised over the whole scene, making everything appear extra lively yet bewitching...

A short documentation of sorts of my on-foot journey, which has now taken us to the bridge...

Shah and I had a relatively quiet and romantic walkup until a bus load of tourists pulled up, that is. It all turned out fine in the end since we haven't forgotten that we're tourists too, and we just had to have a fellow tourist took one cheesy (but hopefully sweet) touristy-couple photo ourselves, with the bridge as our backdrop:


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