I am a complete sucker for Disneyland. Send me to any Disneyland with Shah and my day is made.

Even though we stayed in Tokyo for a full month, we could only limit one day for Tokyo Disneyland. We were originally supposed to be in Tokyo for only two weeks though, which meant we almost didn't get to go to Disneyland so one day is more than we could ask for!

I wish my photo-taking skills were better but as there were so many rides to go on and things to see, it was really all about snap-and-go-and-click-and-go. I have quite a number of photos to share so I'll be splitting my Tokyo Disneyland post into two. Hope you like the photos!

I was OBSESSED with Who Framed Roger Rabbit so I was pretty much exhilarated when I discovered that Tokyo Disneyland had Toontown! Major excitement!!!

One ubiquitous thing I notice in Tokyo is girls love to be matchy-matchy with their girlfriends. I saw many sets of similar-dressed girls in Disneyland itself but I especially love these three girls' style!

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