Eid al-Fitr Outfit: Dark Navy Blue & Pink on Rina

I don't know why, but lately plenty of people have been confused about which Rina is and which Liyana is when they see us - together and separately, on various occasions. I get that there are similarities, but we don't like that much alike...do we? Rina, who is almost a full 6 years younger than me (our birthdays are four days apart) have now started to jokingly refer to me as "twinnie".

. . . . . . .

To be honest, I would have loved to have worn this outfit on Rina on Eid myself - I mean, of course, since I was the one who bought this dark navy blue modern 'baju kurung' set! Can't say I was being entirely generous when I gave this set to her, though; when I got home from Berjaya Times Square - where I bought it - I found out it didn't fit me after all (most stalls and shops there don't let you try out their super affordable clothes), so it was Rina's luck to have it!

The pink shawl was the exact same one as the gold one I had in my Eid outfit, but only because I went shawl-shopping with Rina and made her buy it so that I wouldn't be "the only one wearing a shiny shawl on Eid".

My favourite part of this modern 'baju kurung' has to be the tied part, which you can have at the front, at the back, or even do it halter-style!

Rina Wearing: Modern 'baju kurung' from Berjaya Times Square  |  Pink shawl from Bow 'N' Engel, Subang Parade  |  Mango flats


  1. Rina looks stunning!
    That rich blue with the pink. Beautiful.
    I don't think you look alike, BUT this is just a still image.
    Maybe you move in a similar way? Or have similar gestures? There must be something there if people who know you think you are twins! Very cute.
    I love the way the top ties at the front.
    Simple but striking.
    Another great look!

    1. I love the top too, and I WISH it fits me!

      You're right, I don't think Rina and I look that much alike, so there MUST be something! I'm afraid it might be one thing that I'll never get to figure out - which I'm fine with. I'm just going to enjoy the fact that people think I could pass as six years younger, and hopefully that'll happen for a really long time!

  2. I wished that happened to me! Lol! She looks very classy and the colors are beautiful and sereen.

    1. Yes, classy is a good word! Which is why I wish her outfit belongs to me but ah well, can't have everything you want in life, can you? =)


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