Currently In Seoul

Hey darlings, just want to let you all know that I am back in Seoul for the third time (ahhh!). Also:
It SNOWED here yesterday!!!
I was extremely excited! It was probably the third time in my life to have seen snow falling that heavily; the last time was back in Paris in early 2013.

I finally got the opportunity to go to Nami Island too, a place I've been wanting to go to since my first trip here but as it turns out God meant for me to wait for the right time to go because Nami Island in winter is incredibly beautiful. I'm thinking about sharing my Nami Island iPhone snaps in this blog soon, can't wait to show you guys <3

Follow me on Instagram @theliyanaaris if you haven't for more Seoul photos!

PS: And here is a Boomerang video of me dancing in the snow yesterday 


  1. what an awesome place to be! Have ethe best time!


  2. I loved seeing your snow dance Liyana! Doesn't look like enough to build a snowman but dancing keeps you warmer anyway!
    When I was a little girl my mother would always sit me close to a window and encourage me to look very hard for the fairies that ride on the really FAT snowflakes that often fall in early or late winter when there's more humidity in the air. I think some of them DANCE on the snowflakes. I still look for them.

    1. What a sweet sentiment! I wish I read this on the day the snow fell, as I looked out my hotel window in awe quite a bit and it would've been even more magical to imagine fairies riding those sweet snowflakes <3

  3. omg yay! enjoy your Seoul holiday!

    ieyra h. | blog

  4. Hehehe, you danced so cute and with such glee! I love it! I'd probably do the same or beyond because you know I've never experienced winter ever #lol and maybe I'd take some back in a jar. Creepy, I know. Have fun there babe!! :) x

    1. Safely back in Malaysia, and I did have a lot of fun, thank you <3 Omg what a brilliant idea to bring back some of the snow in a mason jar! Then you could decorate it and place it as a home decor piece. I never thought of it, but I might have done just that if I had! I hope you'll get to experience winter one day - and the coldest snowy kind toooo. xxoo


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