Hot Pink 90s Birthday Look | Central Perk Cafe, Singapore

I had the best birthday trip to Singapore last month and tried to make each day of the trip count — I'm talking outfit-wise, that is, which was why I saved my favourite outfit for the most important day of all: my actual birthday.
Oh, and that favourite outfit? It included this hot, hot pink tied top.

It's unlike any top I ever owned and I'm not just talking about the hot pink shade; the tied top has this kitschy silhouette that is so fun and just screams "BIRTHDAY!" in my personal style book.

It gave me all of these 90s fashion feels somehow with its oversized shoulders and huge polka dot print, so I just piled on those vibes with these high-waisted mom jeans and black mules and went extra polka dot with my socks.
And that little grey suede bag? A cute little gift I got for myself on the very morning of my birthday at Haji Lane.

My sister Rina left for home the day before we did but only after she spotted a CENTRAL PERK CAFE, right smack in Singapore. To think that she saw it in our Grab ride right before we were heading to the airport for her flight! Shah, Rina and I are big fans of the show Friends so we were a bit bummed to not have the opportunity to hang out together in the cafe.

See: Our matching geometric print dresses from our day at Gardens of the Bay

Central Perk Singapore (which was actually granted rights by Warner Brothers so it's legit, guys) isn't an exact replica of the cafe on the show, of course — what we see on the show is part of a set, after all — but the owners did a decent job in matching their Friends-themed cafe closely to what we see on the show.

Shah and I didn't have the time to actually order a coffee in the actual cafe (real bummer too) but we did stop by to check out the "exhibition" section next to the entrance of the cafe (and also to have my birthday outfit shoot there) that includes Monica and Rachel's kitchen and living room as well as Joey and Chandler's living room, which has even Hugsy in it.

I already aimed for Central Perk Singapore's cup of coffee the next time I make it over there, but I thought, in the meantime, what better place to photograph my 90s-inspired OOTD than at this cafe? After all, Monica, Phoebe and Rachel were the epitome of 90s fashion in the early seasons of Friends.

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

Thanks for reading, peeps, hope you like my birthday outfit this year 

Wearing: Topshop polka dot tied top  |  Zara mom jeans  |  Zara black suede mules  |  Grey box tote from Haji Lane  |  Lovisa earrings  |  Rings from Haji Lane

Click on each image below to check out my two birthday outfits of 2018 (hey, it was my birthday after all) and 2017:


    1. Did I tell you that I've purchased 3 kimono on Etsy during the months of January/February? So, I'm on board with your jacquard, polka dot, hot pink, short kimono here! Your black pants,shoes and scarf give it a solid base and allow that kimono to POP like a gum bubble!!!
      "Friends" seems to have as much popularity today as it did in the 90's. I never missed it and could always count on a follow-up discussion in the teacher's lunchroom the day after airing. Good memories! Love, Jude

      1. That sounds amazing, and would I be correct to guess that the kimonos are bright and colourful just as you are? Glad you approve of my outfit here!

        And, OK, can I just tell you how delightful it makes me to know that you and your fellow educator colleagues used to discuss one of the coolest shows to ever air during lunch break? I hope your students appreciate you and them for being this cool.


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