More All-Navy Look: Oversized Blazer & Pleated Maxi Skirt

Believe it or not, dark navy blue is one of my ultimate favourite colours. Coming from someone who claims to be a "colour chaser", that's got to be a head-scratcher, doncha think?

I love red for its boldness and vibrancy. I like yellow because it's a happy colour that seems to give off a youthful energy. But navy blue is just one colour whose attraction to it I just cannot explain other than, well, I think it's a colour that actually looks good on me. Plus, I just genuinely feel good in navy blue.
My love for dark blues is pretty evident from all the almost-all-blue looks I've served in the past (and also from my midnight-blue bedroom walls, FYI) but I can honestly tell you that I never once thought "OK, today I must wear blue head-to-toe"; the looks had just naturally materialised every time. It's always like: this navy blue thayng just so happens to go with that dark blue thayng oh and also that other navy thayng, and the next thing I knew, I look blue all over (sartorially, that is).

However, I'm also not one to say no to an accent colour, which helps break a monotone nicely. Gold is a shade that complements dark navy beautifully, and anyway I'm always more than happy to add a pair of dangly gold earrings to my looks!
Also, ever heard of that old-school style advice where navy blue and black don't go together? Forget you ever heard that, peeps.

Do you consider dark navy blue as a go-to colour? If not, would you ever?

Wearing: Mango oversized blazer  |  Pull & Bear t-shirt  |  Tafa Clothing navy pleated maxi skirt  |  Zara polka dot mesh sock boots  |  Furry bag from Nishi Ginza mall, Tokyo

Click on each image below to see my other very navy outfits — some comprised of the same pieces, rotated to create a fresh outfit every single time!


  1. I love this DEEEEEEEP navy on you.
    It suits your skin tone perfectly.
    Dark navy highlights my dark eye circles and I need more makeup than normal (I normally can't be bothered! hahaha)
    My favorite aspect of this look on you is the mixture of textures... genius.... and that lip colour ....arrrrrrrggggggghhhhh.... GORGE!

    1. Yesss, I'm so happy you approve of this outfit Samantha! (And happy you agree the navy suits me too!) The mixture of textures was not planned but I'm glad you pointed it out, as it's a practice that I can utilize more for my future posts. Thank youuu <3

  2. This is a truly stunning ensemble Liyana. It has a sleek,corporate executive vibe that could blast through a glass ceiling! :-)
    Love, Jude (who's been missing you!)

    1. Thank you so much, Judy! And yes, if I work in the corporate world, this ensemble would totally be a power outfit for me!

      PS: Loads of love from me to you, I miss getting your comments toooo.

  3. Hi miss color-chaser! I'm one of those who can go without wearing navy blue. I don't even know why, though. When I was a teen, my bedroom walls were midnight blue too and everyone complained about the color being too dark. Hahah. Top to toe navy blue on you is simply ravishing! I could feel how good you're feeling wearing it from the screen! That pointy sock boots add an element of magic in this whole outfit and I'm totally feeling those earrings. You and your sartorial moves - always so smooth! Have a splendid week there, girl! PS: Black and navy blue are so complementary, I don't know why people make a fuss about the combo! Each 'color' is dark! :D xoxo

    1. Right?? Who even started going around saying don't wear black and blue together amirite?

      Were the midnight blue walls a choice of yours, or someone just painted them that way for you? Growing up, my dad let us experimented with bedroom colours quite a bit; at one point my teenage bedroom was painted a shade called "chilli red", and I will DEFINITELY NEVER paint a bedroom that colour again. I liked the colour but it was too wild for a room that was meant to be calming!

      I really need to wear outfits like this more often. I love my jeans and all but it's encouraging that you and my other readers approve of this outfit's vibes so much!


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