Sweet Red Floral Embroidery (Also, Remember My Mulan Bag?)

It's A-OK to reserve special dresses for special occasions, right?
That being said, I truly admire people whose motto is "live for the moment" and are able to wear whatever fancy garment they own to take a walk in the park or something, but ugh guys I just can't be one of these people, no matter how many blog posts I read about it. I want to be carefree and vivacious like those bloggers, but I just can't, unfortunately!

So me being me and unable to change that part about myself, I think it was fair enough that I saved this black dress with its sweet red floral embroidery for the longest time, for a special (cough *expensive* cough) dinner with Shah, I should think.

I'm not usually a fan of stark black and bright red mixed together — as arguably beautiful as the contrast between the colours is — but there was just something about this dress that made me feel like if I didn't take it home with me, I wouldn't be able to sleep peacefully for nights.

A little dramatic, sure, but such a good way to convey the seriousness of this whole dress situation, is it not?

You may have seen those red slip-on loafers and that Mulan bag in my Eid al-Fitr 2022 post but this was my very first time photographing them, actually. Went the easy route with the black-red dress + black red bag thing + red hijab/shoes, you know? 

I should also tell you I hoarded the bag till right this night too, for this dinner. Old habits die hard, eh?
(Also, I keep having to tell myself to phrase this "habit" better: I collect, not hoard!)

PS: In case anyone is interested, we had dinner at my favorite Italian place, a place whose buffalo salad and 4-cheese gnocchi I'm always thinking about. Yum.

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Thank you for reading this post. I hope you're having the best day wherever you are ❤


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