What I Wore For My Birthday Dinner: Floral Embroidery & Black Accents

A quick post to share what I wore for my birthday dinner last week: a very sweet, totally demure floral embroidered cream dress that is unlike me but for some reason I fell for it when I spotted it online. But ahhh OK I just had to offset the delicateness of it by adding a black chain bag and chunky black shoes that are a mix of loafers + derby. 

I actually had four dress options to choose from — all that I deem special enough for an important night out such as this — but since I couldn't choose, I asked Shah to do the deed for me. And, well, of course he picked the daintiest one.

Let's just say if Shah had chosen my accessories as well, I would have gone out the door looking like a hijabi Tinkerbell or something. Not that that's a bad thing, but I might have not recognised myself either!

PS: Very much regret not sharing what I wore for my birthday last year, but here are my birthday outfits from 2020 and 2021, just click on the pic to go to its respective post!


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