Imma Take Your Grandpa's Style

This was taken months ago on a day when I didn't even plan to photograph my outfit, but as I passed by a reflective surface I took the opportunity to check my outfit out (you do this too, right? Righttt?) and decided "huh maybe this is worth shooting".

Considering all I ever wear when I go out lately is maxi dresses, I need to celebrate a day when I had actual JEANS on.

Related read: Would You Buy The Same Dress In A Different Colour? In my defence, these camel jeans are SUPER stretchy and do not make me groan in discomfort during my one-hour trip to the city + one-hour trip back to my town, even after scarfing down Nando's.

I actually wore this exact brown plaid blazer and camel jeans together three years ago; it's very much a combo I believe in and would probably repeat again in the near future.
Truth be told, I prefer the head-to-toe garb in that older post but ever since the pandemic, I've been faithfully sticking with sneakers + socks, so my mules will just have to wait for their time for re-emergence.

•     •     •     •     •     •     •     •     •     •

Thank you for reading this, hope you're feeling well and happy today in whichever corner of the world you're at ❤

Also see: A close-up of the Eleven from Stranger Things t-shirt peeking through my blazer


  1. Love this outfit! I always find camel trousers so hard to style so this is a great fit Mashallah!

    1. Alhamdulillah thank you Humaira! So glad you like this outfit too. And I agree with you, camel pants are hard to style. I think this might be the only camel pants that I ever liked!


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