Shah's & My Umrah / Saudi Arabia Trip Outfits

Shah and I were lucky to spend about two weeks in Saudi Arabia where we had the best time performing umrah in Mekah, doing more ibadah in Madinah and exploring other cities like Jeddah, Riyadh and Al-Khobar.

Usually, on my trips overseas, I document my daily outfits as much as I can but failed at doing so for this trip because — surprise, surprise — I caught a bug, got sick, and experienced some days in Mekah and Madinah where I wouldn't leave the hotel room not only due to exhaustion but really more out fear of passing whatever I have to other people.
(I didn't pass it to Shah though, alhamdulillah!)

But even if I had documented what I wear every single day, it wouldn't be that much different from the outfits I'm sharing here because:

  1. My outfits all looked similar anyway, with loads of blacks and dark blues (we can wear any colour we want, but I just prefer darker colours in Saudi), and
  2. I recycled my clothes throughout this trip. 

Same abaya as in here: Ramadan Mubarak!
loved wearing dark abayas, dresses and long hijabs every day on my trip, regardless of how same-ish they appeared; I felt at ease and super comfy in everything I wore as they were perfect as part of my cherished memories in the holiest sites in Islamic history and the nearby cities
Performing the umrah can take a few hours; Muslims are considered to be in a state of ihram while performing it from start to finish. While in the state, there is no dress code for women to abide by; as long as we wear a modest outfit covering our aurat, it's all good.
On the other hand, men have an ihram "uniform": they drape two long white cloths over themselves, one covering their upper body and the other the lower. Men are also not allowed to wear footwear that covers their toes and ankles, so slippers like the ones Shah wore here are ideal.

On days that we don't perform the umrah, Shah wore long men's robe or thobe, — which can be in any colour, too — with kopiah on his head sometimes.

Note: We need to cut bits of our hair after performing a round of umrah but most men go fully bald like Shah did here.

I did bring a couple of black shawls for my hijab but I wore a khimar on most days; a long sewed veil that covers my shoulders and chest as a hijab, as not only is it easy and less fussy to wear but it just felt nice to up the modesty factor for an umrah trip.

I wear sandals to go back and forth to the mosque but when we went out to visit other places that for sure included a lot of walking, I brought my comfiest cushiony black Adidas sneakers.

Same abaya as in here: I Was In Medina & Mecca

Same abaya as in here: Floral Kimono-esque Abaya

I also brought some makeup products to get a little dressier on days I felt like it! Nothing fancy, really; just super basic stuff like concealer, powder, eyeliner, and natural lipsticks.

Hand socks were a crucial addition to my outfits there; during solat or prayer, there are parts when we Muslims have to lift up our forearms, and sleeves tend to slip down a little revealing the wrist and a little forearm. (FYI, Muslim women can only show their face and hands above the wrist during solat.) I like to be sure my body stays covered during prayer so I rely on hand socks to prevent my forearm skin from showing when I lift my forearms.

The hand sock close-up you see here, with the lace and tie ring, is absolutely one of my fancier ones! I even have one with ruffles at the edge, but most of my hand socks are very plain; imagine your long black socks but with holes at both ends.

♡     ♡     ♡     ♡     ♡     ♡     ♡     ♡     ♡     

Shah and I will continue to dream of the day we will visit Mekah again to perform another round of umrah and, more importantly, the hajj, inshaAllah!

Same dress as in here: Black Maxi Dress, Pink Shawl & Mulan Bag

Thank you for reading this post! I appreciate your support of my blog. Hope you're having a great day ❤

Tip: Glad that the laundry shop in Safwa Tower offers a quick few-hours-only service! But perhaps try not to send your wired bras for washing there; the men working there have no appreciation for our delicate under thingies (and ruined two of my good ones *crying while smiling emoji*).


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