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Seriously, I don't even know what to call these pants (they're pants, guys).
Should I call them skirt-pants, or perhaps skants, which sounds like a bad word? Or maybe the ultimate palazzo pants?
I got these polka dot pants at Kinji Used Clothing, the same place where I bought this retro-lo…

Little Photo Diary: Sunflower Field, Zama, Kanagawa

Every year in summer, sunflowers bloom in Zama city in the Kanagawa prefecture and they do a festival out of it. I never imagined I would get the opportunity to be in a field full of sunflowers so I was more than willing to travel 50 minutes on the train and bus to Zama (and 50 minutes back to Tok…

Vintage, Second Hand . Skirt Pants, Skants.

"Vintage" is a sacred word in fashion so I always try not to use it carelessly, but it's sort of a romantic idea of mine to call this top my own vintage find.

I got this fab striped, button-at-the-back top from Kinju Used Clothing store in Omotesando back in May and never found the r…

Little Photo Diary: Around Tokyo Skytree

[ Cutest illustrations ]
[ Hot day + sweetest cool watermelon I have EVER tasted I swear = ultimate thirst-quencher ]
[ Fondue for two at Max Brenner ]
[ Penguins at Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo Skytree ]
[ x ]
[ Skytree from its base (borrowed from my Monday post); Shah and I ended up not going to the top …

Plaid + Stripes

Honestly I never ever ever thought of matching plaid with stripes but I suppose when you procrastinated packing for a three-week trip and left it to the very last minute (well, to the very last night before you left, more like it), you ended up with a pair of striped pants and no matching top.

But then again, the term "matching" can be very subjective, because what do you know, I actually really like this pairing of plaid + stripes.

Tokyo Hey Old Mate

Guys, I'm BACK IN TOKYO I am so happyyyyyyy!

Tokyo Skytree

An Asian & A Whole Bunch of Asian Tapirs

Fourth day of Raya outfit, finally up!

It was the second time Shah and I were on rented bicycles in Arashiyama, Kyoto, heading towards Togetsukyo Bridge. The first time we were on our bikes, we just zoomed past the line of shops on our left and right, but I wasn't planning on making the same mi…

Before & After: Kim Kardashian Inspired Smokey Eyes

There seems to be an unhealthy dose of obsession with the Kardashians and the Jenners, isn't there? But you know what, I can't say I have contributed zilch to that, because I actually like the Kardashian and the Jenner girls. I can understand the obsession with them as I do think they'…

Photo Diary: Fatin's Slumber Bachelorette Party @ Capri by Fraser, Bangsar South

My best friends and I had the best time celebrating Fatin and her impending wife status at Capri by Fraser hotel-residence. On top of being married / having kids / having a full-time job, some of us live in different states so it's not the easiest task to get ALL six of us in one place at a time. 
Having this slumber bachelorette party was a great opportunity for us to just enjoy each other's company and chill and be silly and have fun!

Left to right: Alea, Naimah, Sipi, Fatin, Husna, Me

We originally planned to have the party at a different location but that place was fully booked by the time we agreed on it, but I think my girlfriends and I can happily say that Capri by Fraser was the perfect happy ending for this particular party! 
Here are some of the photos we've managed to capture on our weekend stay:

Sipi and Alea bringing Fatin to our hotel room (making her closed her eyes before entering it)

The Nails On Wheels Malaysia team all set up before Fatin arrivedfollow them on Instagram @nailsonwheels_my!

Sipi placing the mandatory bride-to-be crown and sash on Fatin (with her eyes still closed!)


Current Favourites

There are so many things, new and old, that I discover (or re-discover, I suppose) which become my favourite things of the moment, so I think I would like to create a space in my blog just for those things, just to share with you guys. 

It's not unusual to find inspirations in the most trivial of things, so maybe even these could even serve that purposeas a source of inspirationwho knows?

[ Ironing the coolest novelty top I got from Pull & Bear featuring Looney Tunes (and Space Jam, so nostalgic!) characters ]

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