When Will My New Favourite Come Along? | Floral Ruffle Dress

I find that putting on a flowy, long-sleeved maxi-dress is the easiest way to achieve 'fast modest fashion' - but seriously why is it so darn hard to find a good-looking, affordable, long-sleeved maxi-dress?
Perhaps I'm just picky, but I can't seem to find another good one that ticks all of MY right boxes: maxi ✓, long sleeves ✓, flowy ✓, comfy ✓, kitschy ✓...seriously, my requirements aren't even that strict, really.

Well, OK except for the kitschy part, maybe - I'm a little choosy about that one. But still, I'm not asking for the moon or anything, you know.

It's been quite the search to find a similar dress - or at least a dress that can evoke the same feeling as this one did - but I can honestly say my sartorial needs aren't making things any easier for me because after all, it was love/lust at first sight with this floral dress! Like it was legit all heart-eyes emoji with me when I saw it on the mannequin in H&M's store front, guys.

I'm not going to give up on my search for my next Most Favourite Dress though; when the going gets tough, the tough get going! You know that famous saying "I could give up shopping, but I'm not a quitter"? I'd really like to think I'm the same kind of person who inspired that saying...

I still plan to get as many wear as I can out of this dress, though; it was special enough to wear to my first ever F1 Race Day experience (I danced to Usher's live performance in this, too), and it was certainly special enough to wear for my dinner with Shah, to celebrate our 7th marriage anniversary <3

Wearing: H&M dress  |  Adidas sneakers  |  H&M bag

PS: See the outfit I wore when I first arrived to this French-inspired resort!


  1. This dress is particularly wonderful because of the colorful print!!! You look really cute in it too Liyana. Hey!
    Don't despair my dear!! You will find something soon I think!!

    1. The colourful print is what caught my eyes in the first place! Thank you for the compliment, Judy =D Yes I hope so that it will be soon XO


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