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Why Do We Buy Things We Have A Hard Time Justifying?

Let me start this post by saying: I DON'T KNOW WHY. Why do we? Does anyone have the answer to this question?

I have no doubt that there is a scientific answer to my question but I haven't gotten around to being in the zone where I really want to dive into it, most probably because I know t…

Photo Diary: Madinah/Medina

Shah and I went to perform the umrah recently but before doing so in Mecca, we made our way to the city of Medina, situated about five hours away.

A lot of my blog readers are Muslims (according to analytics, that is) who already know plenty about what people do on an umrah trip, but I also have a…

Velvet Crush

Tiny update: I got to spend the first two weeks of this magical Ramadhan back in my hometown with my family! While it was ahmayyyzing and something I wish could last a lot longer, it's now sadly back to my "reality" of roughing it up here in Johor.

(Well, if you call sitting on your …

When Kimonos & Robes Are Totally My Thing | Floral Embroidery With Pink Polka Dot Socks

First things first: RAMADHAN MUBARAK TO MY FELLOW MUSLIMS AROUND THE WORLD!!! It has been a week since we entered this blessed month, alhamdulillah. I'm so grateful that I'm able to experience a big portion of early Ramadhan with my family in my hometown, especially since it means more of …

If Safari Chic Were A Thing

Is it a thing...? Because I does look like that's what I was trying to achieve here, albeit subconsciously. I mean, all the tan and camel shades, plus the deep green and the boots...some safari vibez going on here, amirite?
(At least, based on what I know from photos of safaris other people go …

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