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My Style During The Pandemic

Ha ha ha just jokes guys, because it's been like: WHAT style? What even is style?
Also, it was really weird typing out the words "style" and "pandemic" in one sentence, I have to be honest with you, but for the sake of this (mostly one-way) conversation, let me just resume t…

Blogging During Self-isolation: How Does That Work?

Currently, I'm uncertain about my blogging path during these rough times. I'm used to blogging about my outfits but right now, I can't even remember the last time I dressed up and put makeup on, and I don't foresee myself doing so anytime soon either. (PS: I might for Eid soon, we&…

What I've Been Up To Since December Last Year (PS: I Made A Life-changing Impulsive Decision)

Meet Betty Boop, our little adopted furbaby girl! ❤
Adopting the admittedly perpetually cranky-looking darling Betty was very much spur-of-the-moment. Shah and I went out for dinner with my younger sister Rina in mid-December last year and afterwards, as we were getting out of the car at my familys&…

Oversize My Tops & Widen My Pants, Please

As a hijabi, I think it's a true blessing that I have a natural affinity for oversized tops. It certainly makes dressing up modestly more enjoyable, and not simply a requirement.

I've owned this oversized grey top for maybe about seven years now and it still remains one of my favourite to…

My 2019 Photoshoot Bloopers

As per usual, not one photoshoot I did last year went without a hitch, but the more important things to remember are:
(1) It was genuinely fun experimenting with my style and documenting the outfits that resulted from it, and
(2) I thankfully have a FREE and (somewhat) willing photographer (and so…

Sweet Daisy Dress

Fun fact (but totally useless for most people): daisy is one of my favourite flowers, ever. I wore peachy-pink hued gerbera daisies in my hair in both my engagement and wedding events, and I carried a colourful bouquet of them at my wedding.

So imagine the burst of happiness that bloomed inside of…

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