Colour-block Top & Pleated Skirt Set With Chunky Black Boots

Shah and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary last weekend. With restrictions come limitations so there was nothing fancy-schmancy planned; no dressy dinner at my favourite restaurant in KL, no trip overseas involved like Disneyland HK last year. But I spent our first-year anniversary ever by myself as Shah had to be away on a work trip, so as long as we're together, none of those things matter — we could be eating KFC for dinner and it'd still be romantic! That being said, I still wanted to make the day a little special.

I hadn't spent time outdoors since my brother's beach solemnization last month. Since I also happened to be at the craving-fresh-air stage of lockdown (that's not just from the lawn of the house), Shah and I decided to go out somewhere nearby for lunch. Luckily we live in a town surrounded by beaches so we opted for our regular by-the-beach restaurant, where the occasional ocean breeze blows in. With the country's state borders still closed, this spot barely had any visitors so we had the corner of the open space all to ourselves.

Can we talk about my bejewelled mask extender? For hijabis, it's quite the hassle to tuck a mask's loops around the ears without letting a bunch of hairs come falling out in the process, so most hijabis depend on a mask extender/adaptor that goes around the back of the head. Had I known earlier that there were extenders as fancy as this bejewelled one out there, I would've worn them all this while instead of the hard plastic ones, that's for sure.

Speaking of masks, did you know I'm a sucker for anything Van Gogh? My yellow mask here, based on his Sunflowers painting, is extra special not only because it is washable and comfortable, but because it came straight from the actual Van Gogh museum. In Amsterdam. All the way to Malaysia. Let's not discuss delivery charges and tax (I'll offer one word: exorbitant), but as a Van Gogh fan, no regrets!

Aside from fresh air, I was also craving for tom yum so that was what you're seeing in the photos above. With a side of claypot beancurd and omelette, it was all delicious and definitely anniversary-worthy. And if anyone is wondering what we had for our anniversary dinner, we had KFC — Shah's favourite and also anniversary-worthy, yes! — in front of the TV, watching our favourite show. 

All in all, a wonderful day of celebration indeed for both of us 


  1. Congratulations on your wedding day. Nice that you could eat so lonely. It looks tasty. Beaches sounds very good. Take a deep breath, please. Okay, I have the forest here. 😊 You look beautiful and the mask from Amsterdam is great. I like it colorful. x Tina

    1. Thank you Tina! Oooh it must be so nice to be living near the forest, all the fresh oxygen coming off the greens!
      I was wearing a lot of disposable masks (and still is, because we have plenty of stock still) so I'm happy to get my hands on washable ones, especially the happy colourful ones.

  2. Congratulations on 11 Years together. Mashallah! Feels like you just celebrated the 10 year mark but shows how quickly time goes! Love the mask and that Mask extender! Need to see if I can find similar here in the UK.

    1. Thank Humaira! Alhamdulillah, 11 years and hopefully a lot more inshaAllah.
      I think it felt like I just celebrated the 10th one because I updated my blog so late! That is definitely on me, my bad.
      Oh I do hope you find something similar to that extender, or something even better!


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