Sixth Time's The Charm (Or Maybe Not) | Floral Ruffle Dress & Crop Blazer

This has to be the dress I've styled the most here on my blog! This may be the sixth time you're seeing it on me in The Good Weekender but seriously, peeps, this dress has seen the light of day more times than I can count.

For some reason, it was hard for me to find cute modest maxi dresses back then (and I whined about that a lot, in the very same posts where I wore this exact dress, too), so this floral ruffle dress was my most-est dress for the longest time. I now have a slew of (pretty cute) maxi dresses — and thank God because I live and breathe in them now! — but this dress remains in the top three for sure.

I'm trying not to wear this dress as often now and only save it for special occasions because the colours and prints are obviously not as vibrant as they used to be. Other people might wear it to death until it's broken or whatever but I intend to keep this dress around as long as I can fit into it, due to me being the sentimental human that I am; I remember very clearly falling in love with it the moment I saw it on a mannequin seven years ago, not to mention that this was the dress I wore to my very first F1 race ever.

My favourite way to wear this dress is actually as is because I love the little ruffles on the shoulders, but I felt like adding this cropped blazer on top on this day just to switch it up because, well, why not?

See: The Crop Blazer

Here are all the previous five times the dress has made its entry in The Good Weekender  which styling is your favourite?
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