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Navy, Red & Blue

Charcoal Factory, Kuala Sepetang

After visiting Zoo Taiping and grabbing a bite at Mee Udang Mak Jah in Kuala Sepetang (daymn, those prawns were BIG), my dad decided to make a quick detour to a charcoal factory in the area.

My siblings and I weren't exactly enthusiastic about visiting what sounded like a less-than-stellar place—I mean, going to a CHARCOAL factory for fun? You know how people tend to act differently around their parents than when they're with their peers? Well, we were pouting a little and all that; plus, I was developing a headache from all the heat. 

Our demeanour took a 180-degree turn as soon as we saw the factory, though; the place was surprisingly beautiful.

Pink, Grey and White (and a whole lotta green)

Tomato Basil Garlic Bruschetta

Instead of eating out, my family decided on a fancy homemade dinner to celebrate Fiza (my big sister) and Hazri's (my younger brother) birthdays; we had these fat, juicy steaks with roasted potatoes and roasted vegetables as side dishes.

Rina (my younger sister) had been wanting to eat bruschetta for weeks after she watchedand re-watchedJulie and Julia. Since she couldn't stop talking about bruschettas, I, in turn, craved them, too. So we took the matter into our own hands to satisfy our craving and whipped up these simple bruschettas, piled with tomato, basil and garlic before dinner commenced.

Read on for the easy recipe!

The Family at Zoo Taiping

I would have really liked to blog about Zoo Taiping itself because I do like zoos; I did a nice post (if I do say so myself) on Zoo Johor Baru back in June.

But then I looked at the photos taken on the day we went to Zoo Taiping and realised there's not much I can blog about,as less than 30% of the photos are of the animals; the rest are of us fooling about. So I guess those are the kind of photos I will mostly put up in this post; hence, the post is aptly titled 'The Family at Zoo Taiping'. 

Beware, though; if you don't like reptiles, do scroll over the photo of the fat alligator real fast.

Let's start with my favourite animal moment: adorable elephants cooling off in their pool (I secretly think they were putting on a show for us, just because they're Rayyan's absolute fave), and we'll go from there.

And I must put this photo below early on, too! Seriously, the elephants must loved us; look at how they're lining up next to us for the family photo.

More photos down here!

That RM20 R&R Boxy Satchel Bag

I saw this little gem at R&R Sungai Perak and I was sold.
The best part? It cost me a mere RM20.

Jacquard Blazer + Jacquard Pants

Two separate, similar jacquard pieces worn together and I automatically get a jacquard suit.

Striped T-shirt + Cuffed Jeans

After a slew of dresses throughout the Raya month, it felt good to finally be back in my usual messy-casual outfit.

Palest Grey Abaya Dress

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