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What I Wore To Shanghai Disneyland

It's been a week since I last blogged but not intentionally, though. I'm experiencing problems with my laptop's power button (it's dying on me nooooo), total Blogger's accessibility (I chalked it up to China's Internet cencorship), my VPN, and even the hotel's internet.…

Bomber Jacket, Pinstripes & Cat-Ears Beanie's Comeback

You'd think wearing a hijab would mean I don't need the help of a beanie to keep my head warm, but nooooooo. God knows why; my body strangely loves distributing heat to the outer environment!

PS: Shah is always worried sick at how icy cold my feet can get but they are almost the norm for me…

Photo Diary: Jiujiang Road, East Nanjing Road, People's Square, Shanghai Marriage Market

Our first Saturday here in Shanghai was filled with visiting nearby "touristy" places, a day where a majority of it was spent on foot. I don't really walk a lot in Malaysia — much too hot! — so I always embrace opportunities like this, which doubles up as exercise for me!

After break…

Grey Coat + Slip Dress

Before I travel to anywhere, I always make sure to check the general upcoming temperature of the place I'm visiting, just so that I could have a better idea of what to bring. Well, somewhat of a better idea, I should say, because this time I made the mistake of bringing only one proper winter …

New Aviator Glasses

I experienced uncomfortable, strained eyes for the past couple of months and suspected my eyes' power shifted, which in my mind usually mean one thing: new frames opportunity YESSS.
Obviously the more practical route to take is to just add in new prescription lenses into whatever current frame…

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