Oversized Plaid Blazer & White Striped Wide-legged Pants

Writing the Rethinking This Whole Blogging Thing post sparked my old interest again, and I have now taken my Sony camera out for a few spins since then! (And my photographer, a.k.a. my husband, doesn't seem to mind being behind the camera again after the hiatus which is a plus.)

I thought it was odd how I go through these vastly different style phases, but surely it's super normal and experienced by everybody, isn't it? There were a couple of periods of me wanting to wear jeans only every time I went out (e.g. Flare Jeans The Revival), and then there's the post-Covid almost-exclusive maxi-dress phase that I'm mostly still in.

But as I'm making more effort to dress up whenever I go out nowadays, I realise that as much as I love maxi dresses, I have so many good non-maxi-dress pieces; this oversized plaid blazer for one, which is one-half of this suit but sadly the pants are too tight on me now to be considered modest enough (thanks to sitting too much on my arse during the peak of Covid + ageing effect, of course).

And, oh my goodness, these white-striped wide-legged pants deserve more love than they're getting! They were from one of my Tokyo trips circa 2015-16 but had never made it onto my blog for some reason, until this post.

Now, do plaid and stripes go together? Well, even if they don't to someone else, they obviously do to me!

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you like this outfit and enjoy reading about it ❤


  1. Simply lovely and classy


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