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Pizza Pino Restaurant, Paris

Shah and i and our grumbling tummies had to make a pit stop before "window-shopping" in Galleries Lafayette recently. We simply walked around the area near the Opera House before ending up at Pizza Pino.

It was actually a Pizza Hut i saw from afar that brought us into this boulevard. As we went over to check out the menu, Shah noticed the street we were in was lined with pizza places. He looked around and spotted the sign 'Boulevard des Italians'

"Patutlah banyak restoran Italian!"

 Shah is so clever. This is why i should never travel alone.

The Balm "The Balm Girls" Lipstick in Mai Billsbepaid

First, allow me to point out this: Mai Billsbepaid is a lipstick that is literally perfect for me. Literally. 'Mai Billsbepaid'? My bills be paid, indeed! (Love you, Shah!)

The Balm Girls is a range "starred" by James Balm (that's what The Balm says on their website). There are six shades available with Mai Billsbepaid being the nude of the range.

The Balm states: "These double agents provide your pucker with amazing pigment and rich conditioners. The sleek packaging can infiltrate even the smallest evening bag to give your lips all the secret service they need! The Balm Girls (trademarked) come in 6 shades, so you can be a smooth operator, no matter what your mission is."

How kitschy and fun! I must say these traits were what attracted me towards Balm so much. 

So does the lipstick live up to its dramatic expectations? Let's break down the good and the bad of Mai Billsbepaid.

Maybelline Fit Me Official UK Site Experience

Before i purchased this foundation, i tried to find help online in deciding what shade or shades would be good for me. It sounded like 310 would suit me, but of course, of course, shade 310 isn't available in Paris. How convenient, right? But i decided to keep my eyes on shade 315, even though …

Where Muslims Can Perform Prayers in Disneyland Paris

*if you're in a real hurry, just read the sentences/words in red and bold letterings! xxoo

Shah and i always arrange our outings between prayers. For example, now in mid February, Zuhur comes in at about 1pm, Asar 3:40pm and Maghrib is at 6:10pm. So we would wake up, eat a really big brunch, perform Zuhur, leave to go jalan-jalan and we will make sure to be home before 6:10pm for Asar prayer.

It took us three weeks of settling in before we were ready to visit Disneyland Paris. Then came the big question: where do we perform prayers in Disneyland? Sure, we could go really early in the morning and come back before Asar and leave for it again, or come back another day, of course. But how about for those who have limited time to visit Disneyland, for those who are staying in the city and not in Disneyland itself or nearby? It takes 45 minutes - 1 hour in the RER train per journey from the city, so it would be tiring and extremely boring to go back and forth.

We tried Googling about praying spots there but nothing came up. But we figured, OK, we're going to make this work. So Shah and i packed our sejadah and my telekung and my makeup remover and my facial moisturiser and my little towel, not having decided whether we should return home for prayer, or if we would find a place for it in Disneyland.

Review: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in shade 315

Another OK foundation for me. Just OK.

Before buying, I searched online for the shade or shades that would suit my skin tone and it is shade 310 or 315. 310 isn't available here in Paris, so 315 it has to be then.

Let's break down the good and the bad.

My January-February Winter Uniform in Paris

Scarf - Giant Besar KJ y'allllllllll

Empire waist winter coat - H&M La Defense

Black washed-out skinny jeans - Pimkie La Defense

Shoes - 6-year-old Timbalands. I mean, Timberlands. Parkson Subang Parade.

Handbag - Aldo Bangsar Village (lusted after for three months - on trips with Rayyan to…

Deborah Milano and Debby Makeup Load + Other Essentials

Deborah Milano and Debby are two brands i spotted but previously ignored in Monoprix, because i've never heard of them. My attention is always diverted to Bourjois (always this one first, since this isn't available in Malaysia), L'oreal, Maybelline, Rimmel and Revlon. Until one day when i wanted to do a look that involves a nude pencil, something i had forgotten to stash in my small makeup bag to Paris. I didn't find a nude pencil that i like in Monoprix, but instead a hot pink lipstick from Debby and a white eye pencil by Deborah Milano caught my attention.

I went home to Google Debby and Deborah Milano. There were only a few reviews, however, as they are not widely available, not even in the UK i think (unless anyone knows otherwise?). The two brands are from Italy and online reviews seems to tout them as high-performing drugstore brands, especially Deborah Milano. Sounded good so far to me.

Then it struck me, it's such a waste for me to be here in Europe and not be adventurous and try out new brands, even if i've never heard of them. What a shame it would be, right?

Monoprix recently offered 15% off for ALL makeup products on 16 February to their members. Since i'm a  sucker for discounts, i decided it was the best time to try out some things from the two brands.

Staying Away From the Apples of the Cheeks in Blush Application

One part of make up that i struggle with the most - well, aside from finding the perfect foundation - is applying blush.

I know some people would go, "Whattt? That's like the easiest part of makeup!". Well then good for you, but i unfortunately just lack the expertise in applying blush.

I used to smile really wide, then the blusher goes round and round on the apples. But i find that the blusher would be a lot lower than where i expect them to be, resulting in a sort of saggy cheeks look. Not something that i'm fond of.

Then came one fateful day when i watched a video made by Wayne Goss about applying blush and only then i then understood what has been happening. It's a short but informational 4-minute video, so have a quick peek at it by clicking here: DO NOT APPLY BLUSHER TO THE APPLE OF THE CHEEKS!!!! (note: in case you're wondering, that really is the exact title, all capital letters and complete with four exclamation marks)

Dinner Idea & Inspiration: Jamie Oliver's Pasta & Green Olives

I love olives. Green and black. Pitted or not. But it never crossed my mind to make a green olives based pasta - and i love experimenting with loadsss of pasta recipes - until Shah spotted the jar of green olives in Monoprix last week.

At first i said, "What pasta do i make with these??".
Shah replied, "Just add to whatever pasta you've been making. Senang."

Right... Said the nasi goreng-maker of our family.

I got brave and reached for one of the jars two nights ago on our weekly grocery trip, still with zero idea of what to do with them.

The Art of Eating in Paris, This Strange, Strange City

(La Defense's skyline; wikipedia)
Judging from the sizes of our breadbasket (that's slang for 'tummy', by the way), Shah and i obviously don't have any problem with food here in Paris. Even though we're in a strange city, in a strange country, surrounded by people who speak a strange language (and apparently don't think too highly of the English language - which i suspect is veeery slightly mythical), we have too many reasons to not complain:

- There are two halal places literally two minutes away from our apartment, with a halal fast food joint in Les Quatre Temps, the mall that's less than 15-minutes' walk.

- Monoprix, the supermarket where we do our shopping is half a minute away and is stocked with enough ingredients to make breakfast, lunch and dinner. If anything ever runs out there, Auchan supermarket (the Giant Besar of La Defense) can be found in Les Quatre Temps. Seriously, it's so near that if this were Petaling Jaya, i would go there in my jammies. 
The nice jammies from Peacocks, of course, not the ones you get in Pusat Pakaian Hari-hari. No offence, PPHH, i did get my leopard print leggings from you guys, i wear them every day here, serious.

Essence Eye Brushes

I was intrigued by the brushes in the very messy Essence's section in Auchan supermarket (let's hope Auchan has stocked up and cleaned up). The coloured bristles are interesting, plus they are both below 5 EUR. I saw four brushes - powder brush, blush brush, eyeshadow brush and eyeliner brush - but only grabbed the two eye brushes. The other face brushes looked really pretty with their pink and purple bristles but looked a little too flimsy to get their job done.

Left: Essence Gel Eyeliner Brush; Right: Essence Eyeshadow Brush

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Creme) - Rose Velvet, Fleshtone and Bali Brown

I have eight shades of lipstick from Revlon Creme range - see them in my post Revlon Super Lustrous. Mmm. Lustrous indeed - but I've been sticking with these three because they suit me well and are quite versatile, therefore go with a lot of eye makeup looks.

Let's break down the good and the bad.

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